[RELEASE] Follow Me - Speaker control with priority messaging, volume controls, voices and sound files!

Looks like I missed one after testing. Go to line 992 and change it to this:
//log.trace "In driverToChildApp - ${app.label} - Going to childAppToParent"

I'll have it fixed in the next release.



I get that trace log msg as well - and in addition another.
I changed line 992 of the Follow Me child app to:
if(logTrace) log.trace "In driverToChildApp - ${app.label} - Going to childAppToParent"
Then on Line 317 of the Follow Me parent app, I changed to:
If(logTrace) log.trace "In childAppToParent"

Hopefully just adding an honor to the logTrace switch is all that I needed. I watch it and report if it doesn't solve. No doubt whenever Bundles has an update I'll get the new and never notice!

New bundle available...

2.4.6 - 06/19/22 - Removed some test logging

Coffee Sent. Thanks for all you do!

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I do LOVE coffee! Thanks :smile:

I have configured follow me's quite time, as I do not want it to announce a message very early in the morning. I wake up much earlier than my family and like to open door to go out in the garden, but do not want to wake kids at 6 AM.

I have setup quite time, but the announcement is still happening during quite time. I do not want announcements between 9:30 pm to 7:30 AM. As a test scenario, it is 6:30 AM right now, but if I see the application page, it says "currently, between equals false". Thats seems incorrect, right?
I have a feeling, the way the from and to are being calculated might be causing the problem for a tie range which spans two days.

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Thanks, I'll look into it.

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Any clues yet?

Just set up a test child app with debug logging on, will see what's going on in the morning.

New Bundle...

2.4.7 - 06/25/22 - Reworked Quiet Time

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I keep getting the following error every night when HPM does it update checks:
app:43782022-06-28 12:00:02.433 am errorBad manifest for Follow Me. java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'betaLocation' on null object Please notify the package developer.

app:43782022-06-28 12:00:02.430 am errorError downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bptworld/Hubitat/master/Apps/Follow%20Me/packageManifest.json: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: status code: 404, reason phrase: Not Found

A quick search would have shown that my apps are no longer in HPM. You'll need to download Bundle Manager to continue getting updates. This has all been explained in HPM and in the first two posts of Bundle Manager.


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Is there a way to get your bundle manager to see the already installed apps of follow me and Presence plus. I used Bundle manager to install follow me and it installed another occurrence.

It will help if you make sure you read the first two posts of the Bundle Manager thread? Much is explained there to try to avoid issues and confusion from this change.

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@bptworld it looks like there is an issue with nest hubs now... when doing the TTS from chromecast integration app the TTS won't work unless you set the delay to anything besides "none" (so i have to put at least a 1 sec delay). since there is no option to do this in your app the only way to get the speech to work with follow me is to use the "default speak" option. not sure what is going on with the chromecast int app but maybe you or the hubutat team can figure it out. or you could add the delay option to your app? thanks!

That option has been in there for a long time. :wink: The issue has been around since the Nest Hubs were switched over to the Fuschia operation system. The Nest Hub Max's are now being switched over too.

The only way to get the Nest Integration (beta) fixed is to complain to the Hubitat team. Having something in beta for years is really unacceptable for a paid product. But, what do I know.

Thanks... I am just using the default for now with a 1 sec delay and it works.

Hi at Quiet Time Override Options if I use a time frame starting at 10pm and ending at 7am, it dose not work well, maybe beacuse it gose to next day. But I think most people will use the Quiet Time beginig at nigth and ending next mourning.
It will be nice an update.

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I had this app running successfully for months. I recently reinstalled it, and recreated several child apps, as before. Unfortunately, now I am having multiple devices respond (3 of 6), even though only Follow Me is the chosen playback device. My log for the Virtual Follow Me device is a long list of this: "java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method driverToChildApp() on null object on line 463 (method sendFollowMeSpeaker)"

All trigger devices are motion sensors, which are working fine. Echo Speaks is working fine, and no ES Zones are currently created.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? I really enjoy using this app. I have reinstalled Echo Speaks as the latest attempt at troubleshooting, but no luck.

Hmmm. After a few hours, I went in to one of the child apps and had it create a new virtual device. I changed all of the child apps to point to that new vdevice, and now everything appears to be working as expected. We are once again up and running with this great app! Thanks!

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