[Release] Fan Thermostat with manual override

Close. If you set the setpoint to 65 with a step of 3 degrees, then the fan will turn on to low (or the lowest setting selected in the "Participating Speeds") when the temperature hits 65, switch to medium-low (or the next lowest participating speed) at 68, medium at 71, etc.

If your fan only supports some of Hubitat's speed settings (i.e. a 3-speed fan controller likely only supports low, medium, and high, not medium-low and medium-high) make sure to deselect them from the "Participating Speeds" box so that the app will skip over those speed settings.

Oh sweet thank you for the clarification and information definitely appreciate it and just increases my love of an already great app. Do you know of any tracking apps for how often and long the fans run. I know there is a thermostat tracker but I read above yours isn't a full implementation of the thermostat protocol so it doesn't show up in that which makes sense. If there isn't something out there that you know of no worries was just curious. Thank you again for the great app and for putting up with my newbie questions. Have a great night :smiley:

Hey @mbudnek, can you clarify how the Switch parameter in the app works? The documentation is confusing to me.

Fwiw, Iā€™m trying to use a switch to de/activate the thermostat, just like a motion sensor.

Switches are purely for output, the same as fan controllers. Essentially the app treats a switch as a 1-speed fan controller. If you want to use a switch as an input to enable or disable the thermostat you'll need to set up a virtual motion sensor and use Rule Machine or something to make the virtual motion sensor mirror the switch.

Gotcha thanks

@mbudnek, still using this app for a bunch of ceiling fans in our home. We really appreciate it and have really come to depend on it. One idea to extend its usefulness for those who use dashboards.

We decided to put the "fan thermostats" on our dashboards around the house because it gives us an easy way to see the temp, adjust the setpoint & mode, and see what the operating state of the fan is, all in one tile. Except for one thing--when you add a fan therm to a dashboard using the "thermostat" template, the tile always shows "unknown" as the operating state. I'm guessing that's because, in your device driver, there is no thermostatOperatingState attribute. That concept is addressed by the Switch I think.

Would this be a straightforward change to make? TIA....

Assuming that's all that's needed to make the dashboard work it's a pretty trivial change. I just merged it in, in fact. Update your device driver and give it a try (the new attribute may not show up until you turn the fan on or off).

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Works perfectly -- thanks so much!

Hi, I've been using the Fan Controller app for a while now, it works great! I'm now trying to write some RM rules that update it ( primarily the cooling setpoint), and am having trouble selecting it in RM.

I had assumed the created thermostat device would show up under "Thermostats" but it doesn't seem to. Its unclear why RM doesn't think the device is a Thermostat What is the right way to access the Thermostat in RM? Thanks

The associated device is Office Thermostat, but it doesn't show up in the list of thermostats:

The issue there is that the device doesn't implement the full Thermostat capability since it doesn't provide scheduling or heating commands or attributes. I'll try to add some dummy commands to fill out the full Thermostat capability, but as a workaround for now you can use a "Custom Action" in rule machine to access the thermostat-related commands.

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Thanks, I'll check out using Custom Actions to update the cooling setpoint.

New to Hubitat and thought about this but, couldn't make it work in WINK. Is there a way to not turn it off? Here in South Florida, we are used to the fan's hum and would like to keep them on all the time only to increase or decrease speed. Also, any recommended hardware?

If you don't select any motion sensors then the app will control your fans purely by temperature. You can just set a setpoint that's low enough to keep the fans on all the time.

As for hardware, I personally use this app with a mix of GE/Jasco Z-wave fan controllers, a Hampton Bay Zigbee fan controller and a BOND wifi fan controller. It should work with any fan controller or switch (though the latter can only provide basic on/off control, not speed control).

Thanks for the quick update. I have the Hampton Bay/Home Decorators fan control when the wink was working. I'm having trouble resetting. Any hints?

Also, what are you using for temp senders?

Assuming that's the same Hampton Bay Zigbee fan controller I have, then Hubitat has instructions for factory resetting and connecting it here.

As for temperature sensors, I use mostly CentraLite micro motion sensors and Aeotec TriSensors. Anything that reports a temperature to Hubitat should work for this app though (most motion sensors, many contact sensors, smart thermostats, etc).

Thank you very much. It took me a while to figure out how to load the software, I am a layer 1 guy, but it looks like it loaded and was installed correctly. I will let you know.

I was able to reset one fan so, I am experiencing with that one. The app is loaded and the temp is reporting. Where do I set the temp/speed?
Thanks again,

I found it and it looks like it works!

Next question. If I change the fan controller to the one that is communicating with the app to another fan with the same frequency, will they
both change?