[RELEASE] Eternal Sunshine (luminescence and dimmers)

Have you tried the last version which allows you to play with more logarithmic variables?

No. I will update now and try it. Thanks.

I guess I did have the latest from 4 days ago. It has one variable that can be changed. I've been tweaking it, but it seems to be very sensitive. I'm at 6.2 now.

Oops... It seems I had not pushed the update yet. You should be able to update with the latest version now... Sorry about that

Okay. I’ll update tonight and test it tomorrow.


Can you support HPM and add your app?

I updated and used the graph helper to get some values. I don't have a feel for how the app responds to different curves, but I selected some values that cause the curve to cross the abscissa at approximately the maximum reading of my sensor. I will play around with it over the next few days. Thanks for all of your enhancements and tweaks.

Sounds great. I'll look into it later for I'm busy right now. Looks like it takes some time to setup this great app of yours.

Out of curiosity, how does one get the status "developper" in this community? How does that work? Who do I have to hypnotize? :grin:

The "graph helper" is a brilliant settings aid in my case. It allows me to fine tune the settings for my peculiar situation, an outdoor luminance sensor on my property tied to my indoor bulbs. I am adapting your app to have a sensitive response so that when tropical thunderstorms pass over my house my lights come up to offset the temporary darkness. I'm seeking a quick response in a very narrow range of illuminance. Here are the settings I am testing now. The max reading on my sensor is just under 4,000.

Here's a typical sunny day luminance curve at my house. I need a day with passing storms for further refinement.

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Would it be possible to change the order of the inputs for logarithmic numbers in the app to match the order on the graph? That would ease some of the pressure on my tired old brain cells.

Done. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Now, it would be really nice if the documentation in "Graph helper" followed the same order. I don't mean to sound like I am nit picking. I love the app. Just giving feedback as a user on the workflow when setting it up. Thanks again for your terrific response in supporting your users.

Just copy and paste this. I've rewritten the order for you.

  1. Settings:

a. Cursor named "m" is the multiplier. It changes the curve's shape more drastically.

b. Cursor named "a" is an offset. it moves the curve up and down, without changing the curve's shape.

c. Cursor named "b" is the logarithm's base. It changes the shape of the curve by making it slightly steaper or flatter

2. Make sure the curve meets the abscisse (the horizontal line) at the level of your sensor's max lux value (unless you want your lights to never turn off).

3. If your curve ends up crossing the abscisse and go into negative values, those values will be ignored:

lights will be set to 0 as soon as your sensor returns a value corresponding at the point where the curve crosses the abcissa.

5. Once you've found your ideal curve in the graph helper, simply report the values of a, b and m here.

Suggested values for an environment of 1000 max lux (most indoor sensors):

m = 70 (multiplier; sets the gradient of the curve)

a = 300 (offset)

b = 7 (sensitivity as log base)

Did something slightly different than what you suggested: I have renamed "m" to "c" so as to have a clear list "a,b,c" of variables to improve user experience. If you update with this last push, you'll need to update your settings as well. You might need to redefine "c" with the value of what you had under "m" before.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. That sounds like it clarifies things. I will update and test it out. So far, I am very happy with your app. I just need to tweak the curve and I am getting close on it. Thanks for your work on this. It's great!

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I continue to love this app. Once the curve parameters are tweaked to my luminance sensor it works beautifully. One enhancement that would make it really nice would be a mode or time associated ability to dim the controlled lamps to a constant preset level. I am feeling the need to be able to dim the controlled lamps to a low level when everyone is in bed. Thanks so much for creating this fun and very cool app.

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Hi, and thanks for your great feedback. There is already such an option in the settings. Take a look and let me know if this is to your liking. I still have to work on the whole settings' overall layout, but it's all there. Just take a look! :slight_smile:

I have tried your newest version and am getting the below errors. I still have one of your previous versions installed working great. It is currently paused.

Hi, sorry for the delay, I'm in a middle of a moving. I think I found out what is causing this and pushed an update. If you still get an error message, please send a snapshot of your settings so I can investigate further and, also, enable the debug option in the settings so you can get more detailed logs.
Thank you for your precious feedback.

Seems to be working great. Just trying to figure out the logarithmic settings. Thanks

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