[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


Let me perform a new install and see if I can duplicate


Did you install the drivers too ?




Did you setup the Alexa Login Service section? My devices showed up after I set that up.


yes, Deployed server went fine - Heroku Name is showing, Amazon domain set and locale set.


And you logged in using the amazon login?


Where is that option? :grin:


It's on the web config page on heroku

Here is the documentation (It's for SmartThings but i'm sure you can decipher it)


Wow, missed the Manage App part. Thank you.


Happy to announce that 'Welcome Home' app now works with Echo Speaks using setvolumespeakrestore. :grin:



I've got everything installed and hooked up to Heroku, my 2 Echo devices are recognised and the "Music Search test" from the app page works (plays the music), but the broadcast test, the announcement test and speech from Rules machine is not working. (The selected echo does not make any sound.)

I have an Echo Plus (Gen2) and a Echo Dot (gen2) which show up correctly on the discovered devices.

This is what I see in the logs:

broadcast test

2019-01-26 03:25:50.401 pm debugAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]

announcement test

2019-01-26 03:26:39.249 pm debugtest
2019-01-26 03:25:57.327 pm debugAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]

Rules Machine speech

2019-01-26 03:33:57.338 pm debugAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]
2019-01-26 03:33:50.318 pm debugAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]
2019-01-26 03:33:43.451 pm debugAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]
22019-01-26 03:33:43.285 pm debugDevice Data Received and Updated for (2) Alexa Devices | Took: (1660ms) | Last Refreshed: (10.0 minutes)
2019-01-26 03:33:43.226 pm debugAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]
2019-01-26 03:32:57.338 pm debugAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]
2019-01-26 03:32:50.385 pm debugAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]
2019-01-26 03:32:49.026 pm infoSuccessfully Retrieved (v1.0) of AppData Content from GitHub Repo...

I don't think I've missed any installation steps, can anyone help to get the speech working?


I haven't actually tested with Rule Machine but I know the functions work. I do have an update coming which will address some oddball speak issues and adds new sequence commands for music searching.


SetVolume and setLevel aren't working the way I expect them to. When I set either of the to 5 as a custom command and then call that custom command in a rule, echo speaks at almost a whisper. If I create a custom command and set it to 10 echo basically screams at me. Do these command work work in hubitat correctly?

Basically I want to set the volume to 50% before speaking.


Try using 50. While speaking to your echo gives you a range of 1 to 10, the code is 01 to 99.


I'll try it, but why does setting it to 10 make my echo scream at me?


Because amazon uses 1 - 10 for the volume. But SmartThings and Hubitat use 0-99.
So when you send a volume command of 40 amazon translates it to 4


But I set the custom command to 10 and it registers as max volume on my echo


Correction, the speech from Rule Machine and the device is working, it's just the app test broadcast and announcement that does not work.


It works just fine for me and many others so i need to understand the environment more. What type of devices are you trying to announce on


I'm using an Echo Plus (Gen2) and a Echo Dot (gen2), they are both working from RM and the device page for speech, but not from the test page for broadcast or announcement.

The install and config went smoothly, I'm in the UK, so selected the UK Amazon site and En-GB.