[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


@tonesto7: Getting this with my oldest Echo Dot on latest HE firmware:

2019-06-10 04:24:20.900 pm errorjava.io.IOException: Block not found in id [1, -17, 23, -40, -7, -4, 1] [1.4.199/50] (devVersion)


I just installed Echo Speaks today. Great app! But I'm seeing this in my logs and I'm not sure if it's significant or not. The discussion above about hubs slowing down is a little concerning. I notice that it seems to happen when I've selected more than 3 Echo devices.


Would I need another Heroku account or will the one I have for Smartthings do the job?


I believe you only need one Heroku account.


So loading the app and driver is all that is needed or is there more involved?


So lots of errors in the log, things seem to be working fine however




amazon has been returning an empty or no response occasionally. Are you running the latest version of the code.


Good morning @tonesto7

Thanks for the suggestion to check the version. I didn't install all that long ago and since things were working, I didn't think to check before posting. I just updated and will check the logs and see what transpires



Can you help me understand this line?

try { } catch(ex) { log.error "wakeUpServerResp Error: ${response?.getErrorMessage() ?: null}" }

It results in the constant error message in the logs

java.lang.Exception: No response data exists for async request on line 1096 (wakeUpServerResp)

You're not catching anything here, so I'm not sure what's intended.

EDIT: Actually, it's this line resulting in the exception

def rData = response?.data ?: null


Tony, can you clear up for me what the latest version is? In Post#1 of this thread, it says 2.4.0. But my Smartthings IDE has 2.5.0. Don't you use a common code base for both platforms? Should I copy the ST code into Hubitat? Thank you.


Also this in the device now.

errorjava.lang.Exception: No response data exists for async request on line 2517 (asyncSpeechHandler)


Still getting errors after upgrading to the current versions



It's 2.5.0. Look in the code itself.


Here's an update. I loaded the latest version of Echo Speaks a couple of days ago and it seemed to be working well until around 3:00 AM this morning. Here are the log files. It was suspiciously around the time that my hub blew up last week:

This happened across 9 of my echo devices:

I've now trimmed down the list to the 2 devices I use. The only reason is so I can play the traffic on one and the weather on another.


Was this rename problem ever figured out? I have a bunch of different Echo devices that I have renamed in the Alexa app and Echo Speaks seem to try and rename it (says so in the logs), but they never get renamed.