[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


It seems the Eufy speaker its not supported. :frowning_face:


I'm getting an error of
errorjava.lang.Exception: No response data exists for async request on line 2559 (asyncSpeechHandler) Everything seems to work fine just curious if I can fix this and if so how


I get this frequently too.


I think I fixed the error's I was getting by going into the app and cleaning up the devices that the app found that I'm not using or are no longer connected so far I haven't seen anymore errors


spoke too soon same error


errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No json exists for response on line 1016 (getBluetoothHandler)


you can ignore them. it seems amazon is rejecting some of the connections for those calls(too many successive calls on multiple devices for your account)


Sorry if this has been covered somewhere else, I searched the various threads ad nauseam to no avail. I'm transitioning over from Smartthings and I use Echo Speaks setVolumeSpeakAndRestore with webCore to do random messages for Hello and Goodbye triggered events, and I can't figure out how to do this with the Hubitat Rule Machine using Custom Commands. Help!


In Rule Machine 3.0, you can now use “Custom Actions”, which also allow you to pass parameters to these custom commands from various devices. I believe Custom Actions are much more flexible than the old Custom Commands. Perhaps Custom Actions will help solve this issue? Just an idea...:thinking:


Thanks for the suggestion. Alas, I’m not able to make work with Custom Actions either. I’m starting to wonder if it’s even possible...


Even though you could make a Custom Command for setVolumeSpeakAndRestore, you would have to also put in the message into the custom command. As I like to use random messages I use Welcome Home app for arrivals and Departures app for Departures. In these apps he has settings to restore your echo speakers to a volume you set after speaking.


Agreed... that's why I recommended Custom Actions, instead of a Custom Command. The Custom Actions allow you to pass in parameters to the device's custom commands. Still might not be perfect for all uses, but should definitely help with some! :wink:


a naïve question: does Echo Speaks require a physical ST Hub (as I understood) or is it sufficient an ST account?


Echo Speaks doesn't require an ST hub if you are using it with Hubitat.


You don’t need SmartThings whatsoever if you’re using Hubitat. The documentation all refers to ST, but you simply need to do the same steps on Hubitat instead.


It works. Thanks so much.
Why there are so many "Play Text" commands ?


I went and started a new thread before seeing this was more than just about making Alexa do TTS.

Amazon enabled "Guard" today -- but you're supposed to tell Alexa when you're leaving and when you're arriving. If those functions could be incorporated into a tool like this, we could then use the Hubitat presence flag and RM to "arm/disarm" Guard...

Any chance that might be possible?


Right now i'm not seeing anything I can use to trigger Alexa Guard. I promise that as soon as there is a way It will be added.
Hopefully they add it to the routines and once they do I will certainly be able to add support

Just an FYI... Alexa Guard only seems to be supported on newer Echos | Show, Spot, Dot (Gen3)


I'm honestly not sure why it's duplicating all of those commands like that in the UI


@tonesto7. Perhaps I missed something, but I'm not sure of what I need to do if I want to add a new Echo Dot (have a new one coming today) to my setup. Is it done in the app or do I actually have to re-deploy the Heroku server?