[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


I recently setup the Echo Speaks app and decided it was time to have Alexa welcome home my family when they unlocked the front door. I setup the trigger rules last night with a few greetings to randomly pick. Everything was working well during my tests. However when I tried it out this evening, the echo dot linked to the rule was not speaking. I switched it to another echo in the house and it worked fine. The broadcast test messages in the app would play fine and when playing tts in the device handler menu it worked as well. It wasn't until I rebooted the hub that it would start playing again.

Has anyone else seen this scenario? I hope it was just a fluke and I don't have to reboot the hub frequently to get this to work?


I just setup Echo Speaks. I haven't tested it just yet, but how do I send an audio file to it? I have a RM set for when a door opens, and it's select to use music player and TTS. I want to use an audio file though.


From everything that I've read in these threads, the Echo does not support MP3 playback. You'll have to look at other options.


Okay so I’m trying to get this to work. I think I know how to make custom commands and get them working.

Basically, I want to raise volume to 50% and announce “front door opened” then restore the volume to what it was before.

Can somebody help?


use the setVolumeSpeakAndRestore() device command.

Use rule machine to perform the command for now


I set this up but it still requires a parameter set for the restore sound. I can’t just leave it blank?


Will this work with the echo inputs?


So it looks like the only way to play an audio chime is using searchAmazonMusic(searchPhrase) on a contact sensor opening, like a door.

The problem is, if you're in the middle of listening to music and this kicks off, then it won't restore your music where you left off....

Unless I'm missing something?


I do this:

Custom Commands

Saved commands: playAnnouncement('" "',80,60)


what does that mean ?


Can you elaborate ?

What does this do exactly? Is this strictly for TTS, or can it play an audio file like this and return to pre playing music ?


I just makes a chime when I open of close doors. It is sending a blank announcement. It interrupts whatever is playing, then the playing resumes after the chime. Kind of a da-ding :wink: sond. Sorry don't know TTS. 80, 60 sets the volume to 80 for the chime, then back to 60. I think these parameters are optional, not sure.


Just to confirm, currently you cannot pass a variable using Rule Machine, correct?

So for example, I could use something like "setVolumeSpeakAndRestore(60,'%variable%',30)" and somehow pass a text string specific to the trigger I am using and replace the %variable" part with that string.

Just wanted to make sure, I am not missing something.


I am having a couple of issues when using my Echo Speaks speakers in RM and in the HE Notification app. I have setup some rules in RM that announce leaving work on the echo speakers at home. However, the announcement plays twice. Also, I have a notification setup in the HE Notifications app to let me know when a battery needs replacing. I have a push and audible notification setup. The audible is set to use Echo speakers but it only says "speak". It doesn't say the sentence that I have setup. @stephack asked me to tag @tonesto7 on this also.


Who me?
:man_shrugging: Yeah I guess I did. Btw, as per Bruce, notifications work fine with the app using Sonos speakers (hint, hint, custom driver...hint).


Will they play the announcement and then resume the music that was playing when using Sonos?


Is that question pointed at me?
If so, I don't know. I have Sonos speakers but use my Google Home for TTS. I know in the past, play and resume/restore never worked for me with Sonos. It was also pretty hit or miss on ST as well.


You said in the post above that you use Sonos for the app.


Not quite.


My favorite is the executeSequence() command it's very powerful