[RELEASE] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

Same thing happened to me yesterday. If the updates don't get anything new, then I don't worry about the warning message

Wish mine would stay working for more than a day or so...

Once the main app detected a version change it runs through cleanups and then tells all child apps and devices to checkin.

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Is push notifications working? I can't seem to get devices to show up.

I'm not 100% certain. It's hard for me to test on Hubitat. I only have a couple devices connected for development purposes.

No worries I'll just RM for the Push

Now i have this installed, i have been testing speak function based on presence
I have a action set and it works when i toggle the test switch, other than that it doesn't run.
Here is the setup. Any clues as to what im missing or where i have gone wrong?


My hub locked up this morning after receiving these errors:

This is my first lock up in quite a while.

How do you troubleshoot if speech test fails?

Guessing you're asking me
I know presence works, using iphone presence app, have set this to work witn modes. Turn off/on wifi, mode changes..

In my rule, i can toggle test action and it speaks..but wont speak based on presence

Just hold up on using actions for a few days until I can test more on hubitat.

Iā€™m sure there is something stupid that works under st but not hubitat.

Any logs you may see that point to errors while the action executes will be helpful

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@tonesto7, I've noticed that the cookie refresh Debug is logged every 20 minutes even though I have Debug logging off in the application settings. I noticed there are 2 logging statements:
logDebug("Cookie Validation: (${valid}) | Process Time: (${execTime}ms)")
log.debug("Cookie Validation: (${valid}) | Process Time: (${execTime}ms)")
Does log.debug always log a Debug level message?

On beta version was working without any issues... But after last update.. All echos stopped receiving commands

I use Welcome home to announces when we enter the geofence, saying that we will be home in a few mins, didn't announce today

Also use WH to make an announcement when we enter the home, that worked

At sunset if the garage door is open, we get an announcement via RM, that didn't work, the same rule will keep announcing every 10 mins until the garage door is closed, the second announcement 10 mins later did happen

Hit or miss today

The app says I need to update Actions, the code version and the import feature says otherwise

What do you need from me?

I've been running this version of Echo speaks since the Beta and I haven't had one device disconnect or freeze up. Everything seems to be running fine. I see lots of errors at times but everything works. RM Speak announcements through echo speaks work also. I thought i might start seeing problems if I used RM but none so far. I actually turned the error reports off because i was paying to much attention to them. I guess I can turn it back on.

Well Error logs are off but I guess I'm still getting some error reports on some echo devices

Yeah, those errors are just with a hub having an issue with the response (or lack thereof) from Amazon after the command was sent. I see those on both platforms occasionally.

I appreciate the feedback, it's nice to hear all my work has not been wasted and that users are seeing the benefits of the tweaks in v3 :slight_smile:

I'm very impressed with echo speaks. I could careless about errors in the log. I'll take errors in the log over devices dropping off :+1:

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I dont seem to have any logs that have been generated!
They are all toggled on!

Also, i just done an app update and noticed this in the code -
Boolean isST() { return (getPlatform() == "SmartThings") }

Im curious....Should this say hubitat?

No, it should not say Hubitat.

The same code functions as an app in HE and a smartapp in ST. There are several places in the Echo Speaks code where isST() and !isST() is used for platform-specific features.

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No worries......was just curious
Dont think i noticed it before

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Does it make sense that some people are getting dropped devices or lock ups? I'm wondering what's different is it in hubitat or is it on the echo device end is it like bad rules in RM?