[RELEASE] Device driver for Stelpro Ki Thermostat STZB402+ (ZigBee)

I've put together a driver for the Maestro. It's in this thread (to keep discussions organized :wink: )

Hello Philippe and company...

I have the z-wave version of your thermostat, STZW402+.
I am very new to Hubitat and have not yet found an adequate driver. Would your driver be hard to convert over to z-wave?

Hi Bill. Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

I would point you to the official SmartThings driver and start from there.

Work should be similar to what I had to do to port the Zigbee driver. I fiddled a bit to make it compatible with Hubitat, removed some superfluous code, and further more adjusted it to make it compatible with Hubitat's Google Home App.

However, since I know next to nothing about Z-Wave and I don't have that version of the device to test on, I won't take on the task of porting that driver. I wouldn't be much help. Maybe someone on the boards is up for it... Unless you're up to the challenge! :wink:

Hi Philippe,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Rather than the SmartThings driver, wouldn't your driver be a better place to start, with all the mods and corrections you've made?
I'll see if I can find some way to swap zigbee for z-wave.

Yeah, that should work. With the Hubitat Zigbee driver as a template, merge in Stelpro's Z-Wave code.

Good luck!

Any luck using this driver to create a Z-wave version? I have three of these Z-wave thermostats that I can't return. Arrrrg. Willing to provide any help I can. Thanks!

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