[RELEASE] Device Check Plus - Check selected devices, then warn you what's not in the right state

New version on GitHub...

1.2.2 - 12/04/20 - Adjustments

Thank you, it works now!
Sorry for being picky, but if you don't have any pre message selected and you deselect the show app name at the start from the notification, it always starts with a blank space. Could that be removed?
I attached a screenshot of my notification with the space in the beginning

The issue in my case is in line 1117 of the child app, since a space is added before each device type. Is there a way of checking if the Msg starts with a space and then just remove it?

New version...

1.2.3 - 12/04/20 - Removed spacing in message

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Thanks! That fixed it!!

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TL/DR: I'm trying to get a notification when a window is left open for 5 minutes and my HVAC goes on. Instead, I get an instant notification that doesn't follow the HVAC at all. See "The Problems" below.


I'm testing setting up DCP to notify me if I have doors or windows open when my HVAC goes on.

Right now, I use a webCoRE piston to do this on ST, but I'm getting ready to move all those devices over to my Hubitat. I am looking to not use webCoRE or RuleMachine to accomplish this (since the rule will be complicated).

It looks like DCP should do this, but it's not working the way I expected.

I created a number of virtual contact sensors to test this out with and configured an instance of DCP to monitor them. I'm using my actual thermostat device in the app.

What I'd like to be able to do is simple: if a door or window is open for 5 minutes while the HVAC, send a notification. Only send the notification in that case. If the HVAC is running and I open a door, wait 5 minutes before sending the notification. E.g., I might have needed to open the window to refill the bird feeder; I only want to know if the contact has been left open too long.

The settings in Select Devices are simple:

The settings in Notification Options are just to send a push (and an email). That works.

The only other settings are in Select Trigger. I've tried several different settings here.

The Problems:

As long as "Device State as Trigger" is turned on, I'm find I get a notification the instant I "open" one of the virtual contact sensors.

As long as "Device Time in State as Trigger" is turned on, I get a notification 5 minutes after I "open" one of the virtual contact sensors. And it seems to repeat every 5 minutes.

Both of these happen no matter what is going on with the HVAC. Neither settings for "Use Mode or State" affect this.

The thermostat device is the one from [RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, Version 1.8.01, but I had similar behavior using a virtual thermostat device (I switched to the real thing thinking the virtual one wasn't working).

I can collect and post debug logs if that's helpful. But am I just using this wrong?

Give the new version on GitHub a try.


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That's definitely working better. But it looks like the "Device Time in State as Trigger" doesn't work in conjunction with the "Device State as Trigger".

E.g., I want a notification if a contact has been left open 5 minutes after the HVAC is running.

Right now, it looks like these are separate checks. I'm getting a notification after 5 minutes of any of the contacts open. I'm also getting a notification if any of the contacts are open and the HVAC goes on.

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Just found this and installed, amazing app thank you so much!

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New version...

Adjusted speak() to reflect the new parameters.

Be sure to also update Follow Me.

I have constant issues with all scenes completing correctly. I've tried metering, disabled optimization, anything I can think of.

This looks like a great app to monitor and 'fix' devices. I know I can create child app for each scene with all devices but wondering if there's a more efficient method to check scenes specifically.

Any suggestions for this use case? Thanks in advance!

Hi @bptworld - Since i upgraded to the latest Hubitat release, this app has been throwing a groovy exception so I have lost my ability to receive messages with the status.

It looks like everything still works as expected up to the message creation per my logs;

Any idea on what I need to do to fix that?

New version on GitHub...

1.2.6 - 11/19/21 - Fix for speech

Thank you.
Just upgraded and went back into the app to save those pages again.
I am still seeing an error - looks a bit different now. Do you suggest I restart the hub?

[app:1488](http://hubitat.local/logs#app1488)2021-11-19 09:47:42.675 am [error](http://hubitat.local/installedapp/configure/1488)groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_app_BPTWorld_Device_Check_Plus_Child_291.clearPresenceMap() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] on line 1140 (method checkDeviceHandler)

sorry, download again

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That solved it, thank you very very much!

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Hey @bptworld - I'm getting this error in HPM

Is that known? (I also see it for follow me).

Yes and has been discussed in detail. Please use the new Un-match function in HPM. You can read about it over on the HPM thread.



I read the discussion in the HPM thread and I still didn't see a clear announcement. If you saying we need to stop using HPM for (some or all of) your apps, you should make a clear statement to that effect.

Doing the Un-match just tells HPM to forget about the existing package. I did that and the result is DCP is no longer listed in HPM anywhere.

(This is not a complaint! I appreciate all you do and contribute)

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Statements are only good for those that choose to read them. :roll_eyes: :wink:

It's right in the first post in Bundle Master.

You might want to put that this statement that Bundle Manager is needed in the thread for each of your apps.

I do see you put the message inside the apps, however - thanks for that!

I wasn't interested in the beta of Bundle Manager, so I did not subscribe to that thread when you started it. That you've now edited the first post after the fact doesn't make this easier to find.

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