[RELEASE] - Denon HEOS Integration

Figured it out. The values of status weren't documented. I was using play/stop/pause. It should be playing/paused/stopped. The latest app version fixes it. Thanks!

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Looks good!


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I have a feature request for dashboard tiles.

Could the album art url that's in the trackdata be displayed separately as an attribute? So that the image could be shown directly on a dashboard tile?

So you just want the url in an attribute? Sure. Easy enough. I haven’t played much with dashboards. How would you then display that as an image?

I've seen drivers that can display images as an attribute. This screenshot is from a virtual weather device:

It uses the dark sky driver.

I noticed from another user that Echo Speaks can do something similar:

Hope that's helpful? Thanks for considering!

Ok. I think I need the attribute to be an html image tag then, not the url. I can take a look tomorrow. Shouldn’t be too hard

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See this post for some clues on images in dashboard tiles:


I added an albumArt attribute in the latest app/driver (you need to update both). The height/width of the image can be configured from the app.

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I removed the note about this being alpha, I think it's stable enough at this point!


I love the driver. Thank you for doing this. Coffee purchased. Not sure if this a bug or as designed, but when I use any of the TTS options it loops until I formally issue a stop command. This happens when I am in the device driver itself testing or using Rules Machine. Right now I estimate how long it will take to say a phrase and then issue a stop with a delay but if often loops over. I am using the TTS function right now with motion and contact sensors to announce any activity. "Motion in the front hall"

Can you please let me know if I am doing something wrong if.

I am also trying to add a short pause using SSML which is supposed to be supported, but I think that is a bridge too far . Not sure if you can do it inline or only in code
[TTS interface (text to speech)]

Final question any plan to support Pandora? They are my goto service
Any help much appreciated

Thank you! :slight_smile:

So it repeats over and over? How many things are in the Queue if you go to the HEOS app on your phone? It is supposed to clear out after played, but maybe something isn't working with that but no, it shouldn't loop. I'll do some testing locally.

Can you show me what you're trying to do? The SSML is handled by Hubitat directly (well really Amazon) so it should work

What's not working with Pandora? It should work fine.

Thank you for the ludicrous speed response. Got it on SSML. Will ask in that link

Nothing in the queue. If I go to the driver go to the Play Text field and enter "Hello World" if will loop infinitely until I issue a stop

Well that's not good! What kind of HEOS speaker are you testing on? Is it grouped? I had this issue a few times during my initial testing but I thought I fixed it.

Also, didn't see a response on the Pandora part. Let me know what's not working and I'll get an account set (I'm more of an Amazon guy normally).

From rules machine attached to a motion sensor

playText(Motion in front hall) on Bathroom
Bathroom: Stop --> delayed: 0:00:02
Bathroom: Stop --> delayed: 0:00:03

Speaker is not linked. using a Heos 1 HS2

Edit: I think you are correct. I think the queue is filling up and track is set to play in a loop. (you can see it in the app). Did notice at first

On Pandora maybe I am confused. I thought it had to be in your dropdown on the source list. I basically wanted to add a few tiles that had my favorite Pandora play lists

Maybe you can share a simple example ?

Ah I see. I haven't tried doing that. I'll have to play around. Unfortunately my power just went out (great being stuck at home due to quarantine and not have power!) so I probably won't be able to try to look into your issues until later tonight or tomorrow.

Very sorry to hear you are without power. Hopefully back soon. Again, thank you, appreciate you looking into this.

One thing to clarify on Pandora I am trying play a station I created . If (when you can) you could share an example of how I create a tile to play a specific station that would be GREAT! I seem to be a bit clueless.

Edit: I went into HEOS app. Selected the station I wanted. Went to the driver. Looked at the event log and I can't pick out (or parse) what I need to pull out to feeback into the driver. Also not sure which field to put in.

Sorry to be pain

The code is supposed to clear out the queue after each play. Do you have the debug logging turned on? Wondering if you're getting any errors

Edit: I think you are correct. I think the queue is filling up and track is set to play in a loop. (you can see it in the app). Did notice at first. I think the loop is the primary issue.