[RELEASE] DarkSky.net Weather Driver, no PWS Required

Squashed. re-copy. Try again. report back.


sorry to say, same error as before NPE on line 472

Looks good for me now :slight_smile:

Again, superb job!

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One last try. I grouped all the 'nearestStorm' attributes to one setting and tweaked some other items that may have been the issue. I hope this does it. If it does not .... I am probabaly going to just pull all the 'nearestStorm' attributes for now. Let me know. Thanks for your testing.

Re-copy code, try again, report back.

Errors are now gone, thanks!

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Excellent .... thanks for your patience and testing.

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No...THANK YOU for this driver.
Really like it!!!


Maybe I'm being an idiot this morning, But My tile and most of the optional attributes do not show up as an option under the attribute template.
I installed your code under drivers and I can see all the info under the Virtual Device and I added my Darksky API.
In my dashboard I created a tile. Chose the darksky as my device. Under History for the tile, I can see "My Tile" and everything. But under Attributes I only have a limited amount of choices.

Hmmmm. I'm seeing the same thing.

Same with me - none of the optional attributes are listed when making a tile in a HE dashboard

[UPDATED] V1.0.2 09/14/2019
EDIT @ 11:46 EDT - Corrected Import URL (Thank you @csteele!)

  • some minor bug fixes
  • Made changes to Attributes. Attributes should now be available for dashboards. CAUTION - READ BELOW

The way the 'optional' attributes work:

  • Initially, only the optional attributes selected will show under 'Current States' and will be available in dashboards.
  • Once an attribute has been selected it too will show under 'Current States' and be available in dashboards.
    <*** HOWEVER ***> If you ever de-select the optional attribute, it will still show under 'Current States' and will still show as an attribute for dashboards BUT IT'S DATA WILL NO LONGER BE REFRESHED WITH DATA POLLS. This means what is shown on the 'Current States' and dashboard tiles for de-selected attributes may not be current valid data.
  • To my knowledge, the only way to remove the de-selected attribute from 'Current States' and not show it as available in the dashboard is to delete the virtual device and create a new one AND DO NOT SELECT the attribute you do not want to show.

I wish there was a better solution ..... but I have not been able to find it. If anyone has ideas ..... please share.

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This works. I can see and choose now. Thanks

The only other thing is about My Tile. There is a little tiny icon next to wind, pressure, sunrise etc...
If i am under devices and choose one of the other icons to open in new tab, it does. These tiny ones say "blocked" if I try it.

from the first post:
You should copy the contents of my github weatherIcons repository (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Scottma61/WeatherIcons/master/ ) to your own location. It contains the DeviateArt Icon collection used as the 'Alternative' icons plus a few other small icons used in the 'myTile' attribute. There is no assuarance I will keep these files available in my github, so copy to a location you will be able to access. Once you do, update the driver with that location so it can find them.

I tried that. I have them in a directory on my computer and have the device pointing to that location.
Maybe they have to be online instead?

presumably it would need to be a web server.

I don't have a home server, just my desktop.
Could they go into my google cloud or is there a better option?
Do I need to create my own github account?

Ill leave it to the dev to respond on what is the best option.

Im having trouble getting any icons to show up in the dashboard weather template. The system openweather driver returns codes for weatherIcons, and these show up just fine in the tile.

image image

Your driver seems to be returning a condition string (eg sunny) for weatherIcons, so perhaps that's why they dont show in the dashboard template? I have selected condition icon to be current, and icons from is set to On for standard.

Also wind speed and direction dont seem to be showing, I do have wind direction selected. Perhaps the names need to match, eg the system driver uses windSpeed and windDirection, whereas your driver seems to use wind and wind_degree.


One github is the same as any other.. why not use "his" github?

You CAN create your own, then put exactly the same as "his" into yours (fork/clone) and then?? what's the benefit? If you're going to use your own library of images, then yes, create your own "storage site" -- be that github or AWS :slight_smile:

[UPDATED] V1.0.3 09/14/2019

  • Added 'windSpeed' and 'windDirection', required by some dashboards.

I have them on a local network NAS and reference that (http://NAS name/WeatherIcon path/). As long as github doesn't care, I have no plans for move or delete the icons on my github .... just thought I should provide a warning in case I lose that option. I have on idea why you may be getting a 'blocked' message on the myTile icons? They are all in the same directory. The were copied into that location at a different time. I did not set any special permissions on them.