[RELEASE] DarkSky.net Weather Driver, no PWS Required

I saw that post. I have not upgraded .. yet, so mine looks good. I usually wait for at least the first hotfix before I upgrade.

I am not planning any more driver changes at this time. I will watch the dashboard discussions to see if I need to make any changes, but there is nothing that I know of that I can change to help at this time.

oh yes! Totally wasn't blaming you or expecting you to fix it. Just whining. Sorry if I gave the impression I expected you to do something about it.

I'm rolling back to v2.1.4.

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All good, thank you very much. I appreciate your time and effort.

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  • Enhanced 'myTile' handling of greater than 1,024 characters:
    -> Will show default 'with all icons' and 'with html formatting', if possible. If not:
    --> Will show 'myTile' with as many icons as fill fit with html formatting, if possible. If not:
    ----> Will show 'myTile' with all icons removed but with html formatting, if possible. If not:
    ------> Will show 'myTile' with no icons and no html formatting, if possible. If not:
    ---------> Will show 'myTile' with no icons, no html formatting and text truncated to 1,024 characters.

FYI: I just tried the upgrade and the myTile dashboard tile does not display properly. It appears to be forcing all icons to be a on a row by themselves and left justified. (sorry, I didn't take a screen-shot). I reverted back to all is good with that version.

Welcome to my world. :wink:

ETA: It does the same thing in SuperTiles if you use icons. But SuperTiles without icons are OK.

Here's what myTile looks like:

OK. I have a fix for this... at least until it gets fixed in a release.

In the dashboard options, under Advanced --> CSS, add the following:

img {
  display: inline;

This will work with Super Tile as well.



  • updated coding so 'myTile' shows correctly without adding Advanced --> CCS as described above. (@jabecker Thanks for the clues on how to fix this!)
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Awesome! thank you!

not seeing it out there yet. Am I jumping the gun? :grin:

Whoops. I just re-copied the code out there. It is there now .... Sorry for the delay.

No problem! I’m not in a hurry. I’ll check it out when I get home later today.

I am not certain that my latest code changes 'fixed' the myTile dashboard issue. The good news is that @jabecker 's fix (a few posts up) does work. I say this because I went to a different PC and called up the dashboard with the new code and the spacing was still wierd (Icons on therir own line). I put on @jabecker's fix and it immediately corrected. I deleted the fix and the dashboard stayed fixed .... so that indicates to me the Advanced CSS is retained in the browser cache (maybe?). I think that is why in my testing everything looked good with the Advanced CSS coding removed.

I will keep looking for a better fix on my end.


  • I believe I do have the myTile dashboard fixed now (I hope :crossed_fingers:). I cleared the browser's cache and it looks good WITHOUT the Advanced CSS fix described above. I even went to a different PC that has never displayed the dashboard and called it up and it looks good there.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Many thanks to @nh.schottfam for most of the changes below

  • Adds capability 'refresh' (that some apps need).
  • Bug fixes and corrections.
  • Compiler optimizations.
  • Fixed so 'wind' can be published on its own (vs. having to be done with many settings) (still works with group settings).
  • Added a Preference option for 'lux smoothing/jitter control.' This basically rounds the lux calculation to reduce the variability (code/recommendation from @nh.schottfam) . This is optional and must be selected to enable it.

The lux smoothing/jitter control works as follows:
If lux estimation is greater than 1,100 --> round to the nearest '800'
else If lux estimation is greater than 400 --> round to the nearest '400'
else set lux = 5
@nh.schottfam 's code it is the estimateLux routine in the driver if you want to see the details.

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  • Only change is formatting on 'myTile.'

I tried to balance making it looking good (which takes a lot of html CSS formatting) with minimizing the character length to keep under to 1,024 dashboard tile character limitation. One change I made was to copy and then re-named the two Dark Sky logo icons to reduce the characters (every character counts!). If you host your own icon repository copy the two new icon files to your repository. If you use the default icon respository (tinyurl) they are already there so no action is required.

  • poweredby-oneline.png --> dsD.png ('D'ark text)
  • poweredby-oneline-darkbackground.png --> dsL.png ('L'ight text)

Every icon must have the full path to that image in the myTile text. The default display shows eight icons, so the length of the path is important. If you are not using the tinyurl for the default icon repository, consider creating your own tinyurl for your repository (they are free).

Finally, the myTile character string is built as follows:
The text string is constructed including all icons and html CSS styling from the top down to just before the Dark Sky attribution on the last line. A calculation is then made for the Dark Sky attribution as follows:

On the DarkSky attribution logo/link:
-> full logo image/hyperlink is used, if size will permit (under 1,024 characters),
--> else, a plain text hyperlink is used, if size will permit,
---> else plain text (no hyperlink) is used.

At this point if the myTile character string is still greater then 1,024 characters it will calculate how many icons it needs to discard and then remove those. Those icons are replaced with text titles (e.g. 'Hum: ' for 'Humidity'), if neccessary. It will only remove as many cons as may be required to get under the 1,024 character limit. Icons are removed from the bottom to the top (e.g. 'Sunset' is the first to go, then 'Sunrise' etc...)

If all icon have been removed and the myTile string is still greater than 1.024 characters, all html CSS formatting is removed.

If the myTile string is still greater than 1,024 characters then string is truncated to 1,024 characters.

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looks nice!

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Great work. Thanks for your hardwork and constant updates and testing!

Is it possible to reduce the font size for the dashboard?

In your dashboard press the 'gear' Icon in the upper right hand side. the font-size option is there.

Trying to figure out why I am seeing conflicting values for condition_code in Darksky. If you look below condition_code says (Overcast) but condition_text says sunny.

In rule machine if I choose custom attribute and condition_code it reads it as "sunny," even though the weather device shows "overcast" for the condition_code attribute. Because of this my rule for lighting depending on weather condition is not working.

Edit: Maybe I should be using condition_text instead of Condition_Code?