[Release ] Daikin OnePlus Thermostat

Had a request to help with a driver for the Daikin One+ Thermostat, and thought I’d put the finished code for anyone else who may need it. Available through HPM, but you can also import it from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/daikin/daikinSingleTherm.groovy until then.

Driver exposes attributes:
attribute "fan","number"
attribute "fanCirculateSpeed","number"
attribute "setpointDelta","number"
attribute "setpointMinimum","number"
attribute "setpointMaximum","number"
attribute "tempOutdoor","number"
attribute "humidity", "number"
attribute "humidOutdoor", "number"


Thanks for writing this driver. I have a Daikin heat pump (I'm in the UK) and it has remote controll via wifi (I'm currently using the app). Would this driver work for me? I had a look in hubitat and don't see Daikin as a supported device and also the Generic Thermostat options are either Zigbee or Z-Wave so I'm not sure how to set this up if it would work with my thermostat?

Give it a try, if it doesn't work we can turn on the debugging and see what the differences are. You'll add it as a virtual device since it doesn't use zigbee or zwave.

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Ok I started with a virtual themostat then once I added that I switched the driver to the 'Daikin Single Thermostat'. Added my email and password, hit 'save preferences' then 'save device' but it doesn't appear to be sync'ing. Here's the log:

Looks like it doesn't like the auth request. Did your thermostat come with an API Key? (If so, I'd have to do some additional coding, but there may be another way to get the auth.)

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I can't see any details of an API key. I have a Gateway ID - would that help?

Not sure what the gateway ID would be used for, but make sure that you email and password are correct and the capitalization exactly agrees with how you registered at Daikin's website; i.e. TheBearMay@123.comthebearmay@123.com

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Works Great for my Daikin One+ Thermostat! Thank you for the driver!!


And displays in ActionTiles nicely...

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While playing with the driver a little more, I noticed that fanCirculateSpeed is an attribute but was not implemented. Is this parameter not exposed via DaikinSkyport?

It gets populated if sent by Daikin, I’ll check to see if I misspelled something, but the code is there.

@wmhashmi what model heat pump are you using? Looking around to see if I can find an API for you.

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Wow - thanks so much! Below is a picture of it (mine is wall mounted) and also a screenshot of the details of it I see in my app:

I'm pretty sure this integration will not work with the Altherma but here's a thread over on the home-assistant talking about your product. Might find something useful in it.

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@thebearmay, this is working perfectly. Thank you for doing this.

Glad to be of service.

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Do you know if a polling rate of 1 is OK? I know there was something limiting this in the API documentation but I think you're accessing the data a different way, correct?

The Official API says to limit its use to every 3 minutes, but we’re simulating their mobile app which I’d be surprised if it has a limit.

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The Daikin app has geolocation capabilities for changing the system based on presence.

Is this something that could be exposed with this driver? Thinking this may be an alternative to the sometimes not dependable HE geofence.

Let me look. It exposes almost 1500 data points - don’t recall geo (may only be in the app), but the eyes go blurry after a while :sunglasses:

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