[RELEASE] CoCoHue: Hue Bridge Integration (including scenes!)

That isn't quite what I meant. I meant go into the CoCoHue app, navigate to the Select Lights page, and look at that list. There, as I mentioned, you'll see all devices that have or haven't been added, along with the names on both Hue and Hubitat for devices that have been added. (These names may be different, and in particular, seeing the Hue name may help you figure things out if it's there but not missing.)

It should really be in one of those two lists. If not, the only possibility seems like the API call to the Bridge isn't returning this light in its response. You could try installing a second instance of CoCoHue just to see if that helps -- you'll know if it's discoverable that way without having to blow away your existing instance. (I wouldn't recommend running two for the same bridge on the same hub, so I really mean just to experiment and see. There's hope if it does.)

Just wanted to give an update. I did check the CocoHue Select Lights list and it was blank. I rebooted the C8 hub no change. I let it go for several days before I tried installing a second instance of CocoHue. I really didn’t do anything different other than add a couple of zigbee outlet devices to my Hubitat for some additional Christmas lighting control.

Anyway I just went back to check up on my CoCoHue app again and the “hidden” bulb showed up in the CocoHue Lights discovery drop down along with a couple of others that I don’t remember adding. I am just happy I can see everything again.

Thanks for your help! :blush:

I have set up the "Mimic Presence" automation in my Hue hub. I would like to be able to activate it via a Hue dimmer switch as I leave the house. Can I activate Hue automations with Cocohue? I've searched everywhere and have seen that there is a reference in this topic to "Hue Labs Activators", but no activator is discovered by the Cocohue app (I guess that is because "Mimic Presence" is now a built-in automation in the Hue hub and no longer a Labs automation")
Any ideas?
Would it work if I stopped using the built-in "Mimic Presence" automation and used the labs version instead?
Or maybe I should just (hahaha) modify this app to include the activation of built-in automations :rofl:

If Hue Labs worked before, it should still work now. I see what you're asking for now available as an "automation" in the Hue app, but I'm not sure how those are accessible via the API (or "if," but I'm sure they are; I have never looked into this, and don't know if I will, because all my automations are in Hubitat).

Hi Bert, More than a year after his reply, I decided to give eventstream a try again and my bug seems to be gone.
I will now try it on all my 5 bridges again, but so far looks like it improved a lot since this reply.
Were the big changes on Hubitat, CocoHue or Hue side?
The problem I used to have was related to the number of devices updated at once.

Thanks once again!