[RELEASE] Chromecast Helper - Simple way to help keep your Google/Nest devices alive

I also have issues when not using the helper. Not with the speakers losing connection, but with them stuttering. For example, I have a rule that tells me “Garage doors are closed.” If I don’t initialize once in awhile, the response starts saying “Gar…Garage door are closed”, after a few days.

All this to say, I’m having some trouble with Chromecast helper stopping after a few days. The initialize works great every four minutes for a few days, then simply stops until I go into the app and re-save. Anyone else experience this or know what I can do to keep Chromecast helper running continuously?

Are you on the latest 2.2.9 release, there was some fixes with the Chromecast integration in that release?

I’m not positive when I upgraded (but i am on that version now). I’m keeping an eye on it again and will report back.

Tangential question, is there a way to prevent debug mode from turning off automatically (for either the helper or the speaker itself)? That would make it easier to know exactly when/why it dies if it fact it does.

Chromecast helper hasn’t disconnected for a few days now, since my last post. Perhaps the new version did resolve things.

Are there any disadvantages to having Chromecast Helper and Chromecast Beta native polling both active? Additionally can anyone refer me to a good method or topic on how to successfully control Volume, Change Track, Okay/Pause music playing on a Chromecast device(s) using a LUTRON Pico?

experience similar loss of communication with Chromecast Integration and a Google-Mini. Was led here from my post to try this out. Giving it a shot, will see if it behaves better ..

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Yes, I found this work around as well. I had noticed in my Home Assistant dashboard there was a power button for my Google Nest. I don't think a power button exist in a Hubitat speech device

I noticed if you play an MP3 through Hubitat and at this time the player in Home Assistant was OFF the status of the player become ON but the MP3 file did not play. Only the second time it did, when the player was on ON.

The only way to make it work was adding an empty "playTrack" to turn the player ON

Chromecast Helper does not keep the player "ON".
Maybe Hubitat should add an ON command to a speech device

@BrunoVoeten Ive moved to your way of playing an silent track before attempting to do anything with the Google

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@BrunoVoeten do you play a dog barking when nestcam triggers? I love this ..

It’s not a Nestcam but an other doorstation, some Russian stuff:-), and yes, If nobody's home and someone is pushing the doorbell a dog is barking:-).

I know this has the tag code freeze, but just wondering if anyone else has this issue:
After rebooting the hub, I have to go on the app and press done for the subscription to refresh the Chromecasts to work.
@bptworld if you have time to check this? Thank you!

Sounds like you're just not waiting long enough. It will start back up on it's own. This is how HE works and has nothing to do with Chromecast Helper.

Please see post #22, #23 and #24 above.


Thank you, I saw that, but in my case it doesn't subscribe unless I click done, even after waiting hours.
The initializeSpeaker job just isn't there.

I don't know what to tell you.

  • Select your Google/Nest devices (that are using the Chromecast Integration (Beta) app/driver)
  • Select your initialize schedule
  • Press 'Done'

That's it.

From this point on, it'll initialize the devices every XX minutes. Even after a reboot.

Ok, solved the bug.
I removed, and added the app again.
Now the subscription works after reboot.
Go figure :thinking::wink:


@waffles meet @MrPancake

Have you guys met?

To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart - Could be the start of a beautiful relationship. :wink:

I don't know what happens in my situation, but after a reboot of the hub the Initializing is not working anymore, When I put the app on pauze and "un-pauze", the Initializing is starting again
The switch function is not working for me, it has no effect when I change the switch on the pause status.

I'm seeing something similar, but not at every reboot. I have yet to try and see if I can track it down to a particular situation. Chromecast helper doesn't always restart after a reboot for me either.

Hmm, I think the issue is not in Chomecast Helper. I paused the app and used the polling from the app Chromecast Integration (beta). Everything was working well till I restarted the hub (Firmware update). Same issue, the polling was not working anymore.

I have this app set to the recommended 4 min but the Mini will not respond to TTS for longer than a day. I can then go to the device page and initialize it and it works fine again for a little while before stopping again. The Mini has a static IP. Is this a losing battle and I need to move to another device or am I doing something wrong?

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