[RELEASE] CATT Director (App and Driver)


Curious 'why' you would want to do this? The app allows for child apps to be created, ie. one child app for each command you would want to send.


I haven't even gotten to the app... Was just testing the driver. I installed one driver for each of my two Nest Hub/Nest Hub Max devices. Was that wrong?

Since all I want is for it to open my dashboard main menu, I was thinking I may be able to just use the driver, add it (or a virtual switch) to Google Home integration, then when I want the dashboard on the Hub I would just tell google to turn on X device (thus turning ON the driver, and getting the default URL - my dashboard).

I haven't installed the app,. so not sure what all I can do there yet. :slight_smile:


Hey, if it works... it works. Let's us know how you make out.

That's exactly what I do but with the app.

  • 'Hey Google, turn dashboards on'
  • 'Hey Google, turn browser on'
  • and of course 'off' works too. :wink:


But am I nuts, or wouldn't you need multiple drivers if you have multiple Nest Hubs?

EDIT: Also, good to know on the app. I'm going to install it now and poke around there.


Nope, app takes care of that... send the command to just one or to many at the same time.



But that is only if you already have the chromecast added to Hubitat. I don't have any of my chromecast in Hubitat, so no devices to use as the source to send to the Send to Hub with CATT driver. :wink:

I removed the chromecast integration a while back due to hub lockups.

I get why I was confused now. So I won't be able to use the app at all in my scenario, and have to do it by hand - no worries!


Last annoying question for the day... Does the driver ever reconnect if you reboot the CATT server? I ask because I just did, and my drivers are both at "Disconnected" for a few minutes now.

If I go an save preferences it reconnects, but seems like it should retry on its own at some point (if it doesn't already).


it 'should' but it won't try until it has to send a command.


Hmm... I tried hitting ON/OFF a bunch of times before I gave up and re-saved preferences. Never budged off of disconnected.

I see in the driver where telnetStatus should try once a minute... But I'm not well versed in telnet driver commands, so no idea what triggers that to run in the first place.

Maybe I didn't wait long enough? I'll try rebooting my CATT server again and being more patient.

EDIT: The app and driver are really cool (especially the app), but I decided to go another route. Since I already have a websocket connection to Node-Red and my CATT needs are simple, I decided to just make a virtual switch in HE and then have Node-Red do the CATT triggering part. The other side benefit was that it can do it via SSH instead of telnet (although it is annoying to setup SSH in Node-Red).