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Just installed the Beta, and attempting to install the Device Watchdog bundle, but it doesn't appear in the dropdown to install.

Now that's weird but Hey, that's why it's in beta. :upside_down_face:

I'll look into it.

Looks like I had a typo in my JSON file. Open up Bundle Manager and hit the "Update Master Bundle list" switch. That should take care of it.


And another :smiley:

It's ALL I've been doing for 2 days now is correcting typos I made in HPM. Mostly case... "bundle" vs "Bundle" -- so I felt a need to put a smile on my face... hopefully yours too. :smiley:


Lol, it's a constant struggle! :grin:

Thanks! Looks like it appears in the dropdown list, but errors out stating: There was an issue getting the app ID (null).

app:4642022-06-01 07:54:54.822 pm debugIn searchOptions (1.0.7) - App ID: null
app:4642022-06-01 07:54:54.640 pm debugIn searchOptions - prevInstalled: false
app:4642022-06-01 07:54:54.634 pm debugIn installBundleHandler (1.0.7) - Finished
app:4642022-06-01 07:54:54.632 pm debugIn installBundleHandler - Receiving file: https://github.com/bptworld/Hubitat/raw/master/Bundles/DeviceWatchdog.zip
app:4642022-06-01 07:54:50.852 pm debugIn installBundleHandler - Getting data ([uri:, headers:[Accept:*/*, ContentType:text/plain; charset=utf-8, Cookie:null], body:{"url":"https://github.com/bptworld/Hubitat/raw/master/Bundles/DeviceWatchdog.zip","installer":null,"pwd":""}, timeout:90, ignoreSSLIssues:true])
app:4642022-06-01 07:54:50.849 pm debugIn searchOptions (1.0.7) - Sending to installBundleHandler: https://github.com/bptworld/Hubitat/raw/master/Bundles/DeviceWatchdog.zip
app:4642022-06-01 07:54:50.847 pm debug*

Yup, that's been addressed above. Working on it. :wink:

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Okay, I figured out why it doesn't work on! Now I just need to come up with a fix, lol.

Should have something out tomorrow.



Alright I think I've solved the issue!

New version...

1.0.8 - 06/02/22 - Many changes

Remember, for those that aren't in the HE beta, you'll need to download this app with HPM.


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We have lift off.

I updated to 1.0.8, Installed normal stuff library (Don't think this is an app) and than Device Check Plus.

Thanks for working with us.. NO matter what what was at fault.

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@bptworld Bryan, great app. I only use bundles and I prefer them to the “old methods”. Thanks for all of your great work.

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  1. What would be the process for those of us who already have your apps installed, to connect our existing bptworld apps to to Bundle Manager after you have moved your content over your Bundle Manager app? E.g., so that things like app auto-update will work from BM.
  2. Will you continue to include Bundle Manager in HPM?
  1. See post #1 :roll_eyes: (ie. Using BM couldn't be easier!)
  2. yes

Well what do you know, I actually didn't RTFM. First time ever, I swear. :wink: Mea culpa, I woke up at 6AM for some reason this morning, and started posting before my little grey cells were firing. :smiley:

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New version...

1.0.9 - More streamlining, Added delete options

Alright, time to let me know what's missing. :hushed:

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Raffle prizes. :smiley:

Just checked - if Bundle Manager can update itself, should this show an update is avaialble?

Two ways to check for updates


or On Demand:


You just won a FREE app! Take your pick, over 20 available!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hmmm...ran Update Master Bundles, and Check for Installed Bundle Updates and now have this, interestingly...Bundle Manager 1.1.0 seems higher than the 1.09 you just said you released... :slight_smile:

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