[RELEASE] BigTalker 2.1.0

For whatever reason sending Lannouncer imbedded commands,@|ALARM=CHIME does not work in Hubitat so I added some code. All my testing was using contacts, some additional identical logic needed for all sensor types. Please consider adding this the live Hubitat version.

In the Parent module TALK added code to directly execute the Lannouncer commands. Also wanted a delay on TTS messages so I could do a chime wait then a message, so I added a delay parameter in Milliseconds. It takes two groups working on the same event to do this

  1. |Chime| with no delay
  2. %devicename% is now %devicechange% delay 1500 Milliseconds
    The Commands are coded alone as a message, as follows
    |off| shuts off siren

Using Contacts for testing I added an input field for TTS that is an optional delay in milliseconds

if (parent.returnVar("speechDeviceType") == "capability.musicPlayer") {
player input fields
input name: "contactDelay", type: "number", title: "Delay in MilliSeconds", required: false

Then added the following to onContact1Event processing

if (contactDelay && contactDelay > 0)
runOnce(new Date(now() + contactDelay), processEvent, [data:[deviceType, deviceState1, deviceState2, deviceState3, deviceState4, index, evt]])
processEvent(deviceType, deviceState1, deviceState2, deviceState3, deviceState4, index, evt)

In parent TALK added the following>

  		if (phrase[0]=='|')
  			def soundType=phrase.toUpperCase()
  			if (soundType == '|SIREN|')
  				return false
  			if (soundType == '|OFF|')
  				return false
  			if (soundType == '|CHIME|')
  				return false
  			if (soundType == '|DOORBELL|')
  				return false


I am using Samsung M3 and Sonos devices.

@rayzurbock I've been migrating from ST to Hubitat. I've enjoyed a few of Big Talker's sounds in ST, but I'm having some difficulties getting BigTalker to configure. I loaded BugTalker 2.0.8 parent and child app in the Apps Code section. When I select BigTalker under Apps, the "Talk with:" configuration window appears behind the "Talk with these text-to-speech devices" button.
Before selecting the button:
After selecting the button:

BTW, I tried this using Firefox and Edge browsers with the same outcome. Thoughts?

I'm pretty sure that is just a visual effect and nothing is behind the button. I believe the mode you are installing in (musicPlayer or speechSynthesis) doesn't have devices. Try installing and moving the switch to the opposite mode of what you are trying here and see if your target device(s) show up.

Nevermind. I goofed something up when importing. Sorry to bother you about that.

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BigTalker2 version has been released.
Post #1 updated

  • BigTalker2 Parent App Improvements:

    • App Version Update Code (Using Hubitat Community @Cobra's code that I have modified)
    • Cosmetic adjustments to the "About" section of the start page, inclusion of app version status
    • Ability to change app mode from "musicPlayer" to "speechSynthesis" or vice versa. CAUTION: selected speech devices may need to be re-selected at the Configuration Defaults page as well as any overrides selected within each event
    • Modified "Debug logging" switch to auto-disable after 30 minutes. If the switch is enabled, debug logging is enabled for up to 30 minutes. Visiting the Configuration Defaults page anytime during/after that extends the debug logging period unless the switch is toggled to off which ends debug logging immediately.
  • BigTalker2 Child App Improvements:

    • Event type Alarm added, supports reaction to Off, Siren, Strobe, Both
    • Event type FilterStatus added, supports reaction to Normal, Replace
      • Needs testing, I do not have a device with this capability, not even sure it exists in Hubitat
    • Event type OvenMode added, supports reaction to Heating, Grilling, Warming, Defrosting
      • Needs testing, I do not have a device with this capability, not even sure it exists in Hubitat
    • App Version Update Code (Using Hubitat Community @Cobra's code that I have modified)
    • Talk On Home Mode Change > Restriction > End Time changed from required to not required (debugging?)
    • Smoke alarm test variable corrected to match thrown event (defaultSpeechTest1 > defaultSpeechTested1)
    • Cosmetic issue with pageConfigButton (Configure talk on button presenceS > Configure talk on button press)
    • Default suggested speech phrase correction with pageConfigButton (%devicename% button presenceSed > %devicename% button pressed)
    • Subscription for mode changes adjusted to only receive mode changes; previously received all location events causing errornous speech when other location events occur such as receiving sunrise/sunset time (home mode has changed from home to home).
    • Null check added for day restriction
    • Corrected issue with personality enablement/disablement introduced in C2.0.7
    • Corrected issue that prevented scheduling a speech time that was introduced in C2.0.7
    • Corrected issues with debug logging

Also, I need to know if it works or if it's broken. Don't be silent. PM me if you want, if you have other users with the same issue, I may group you up in a chat to work on it. Hit that checkmark if you like it and don't have anything to say or don't want to say anything but acknowledge usage. Even a "Version x.x.x.x works for me" is an excellent reply or "with version x.x.x.x, so and so doesn't work". Is BigTalker2 something I should continue to develop for HE? There are other apps/ways to fill this need now as well, native even (rule machine and various others; although they may be more complex with configuring), so I don't want to waste time developing if it's not used, but I also don't want to give up on my followers/users. What HE supported capabilities do you want that are missing? I had a great following in ST, I'm not sure here as my porting was slow. I'm working on streamlining code to add future features at ease and minimize impact on your environment.

Let me check it out as I splashed out on a Google Home Mini for TTS. :slight_smile:

What is the correct format and syntax to use in time fields ?

Should be hh:mm am/PM. On Android it comes up with a clock for you to select the time and fills in the value with this format.

I use it a lot. So far nothing I can see that needs fixing for what I use it for.

My devices statuses aren't getting parsed anymore.

I can flip the test switch and my echos talk but nothing else works.

Please go to the Configure Defaults page and enable debug logging. If it's already on, debug logging will start for the next 30 minutes. Open the logs and open a door or whatever is needed to cause speech to occur. PM me the logs from BigTalker2 and from the BT2 group name that your device is in.

Never mind. I just got home and noticed that all the say template phrases were gone so I just re-added them. Working now..

Actually the update deleted all my custom phrases and left the default one untouched.

Ahh. I forgot about that. Settings variable names were changed in the child app code to streamline future event type (device capability) additions and minimize repetitive code. I'll have to go back and see which version that was done in. I believe it was 2.0.7. Sorry about that.

No worries. Just wanted to report it.

Just loaded the App and there seems to be a problem with setting "Switch(es)" in so much as it flags an error as below and doesn't "speak". I deleted and reloaded the App code just in case something had got screwed up there but the issue remains.
Concept: Wanting the AEON power outlet my fridge is plugged into, to trigger an announcement.
When setting up the switch and trying to test the error is flagged.

error message:

Try hitting Done on the page then go back into the switches event and see if it will work when you toggle the test switch.
If this is a brand new event group, you may need to hit done all the way back to the main BigTalker configuration page to save the group initially then drill back down into it and try the test switch.

@njanda I found this bug. A fix will be in the next release

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