[RELEASE] AutoRemote Device

I used Stephack's JOIN device as a base. I wrote this for my own personal use, so no bells or whistles.

You enter your personal key as a param, then can use it to send text messages through AutoRemote (usually to Tasker).

I have it working as an actuator, so you can use this in RM to send Tasker commands.



This is great - but how do you use it to send messages?

It works when using the send message in the device bit how do I set it up as a messageing service to use it in RM?


Yep. Actuators. Glad you figured it out!

I think you're the only other users besides me, so let me know if you find any issues or would like any enhancements.

I think it is great - one change could be the possibility to make a message "stick" - right now they just arrive and then dissapear - this is great for confirmation of commands but if they could stick in the message menu in android it could be used for even more :slight_smile:

Do you mean stay pinned in the Notification Tray?

If so, that's a function of the AutoRemote App or Tasker. Auto Notification could probably help.

All Autoremote does is send it. What you do with it is up to you.

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