[RELEASE] Auto Lock

There was an updated core OS that was released recently, have you updated? What version of Hubitat are you on?

I’ve recently switched over from a different Auto Lock app so newish to this one but I am pretty confident I have everything setup correctly. However, one of the notifications I’ve selected to receive “lock jammed” is coming back without identifying the lock and instead says “null is possibly jammed”. Any ideas?

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I get that as well

Posted this a while back. Any suggestions?

I might be misunderstanding your question, but this app does have the ability to prevent locking attempts if the door isn’t closed. It is called “bolt/frame strike protection”. It functions by defining a contact sensor which provides the door open/close status. Then you enable bolt/frame strike protection from the drop down menu. I’ve been using this for quite a while and it works well.

I hope this helps.

Edit: Rereading your post, do you mean when creating a child app, you are not given the “Door” option to click on? Maybe a screen shot of the child app would help.

No option for a Contact Sensor

When I click the "bolt/frame strike protection" option under "unlocking options" dropdown menu, a new dropdown menu appears at the top of the app page, underneath the "lock" dropdown menu seen in your screenshot. This one says "door" and the list is populated with contact sensors.

Clicking the option for "lock when contact closes" in the "locking options" dropdown menu will do the same thing.

In other words, you have to select an option that requires use of a contact sensor in order for the app to show you the option to choose a contact sensor.

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Okay. I did that and a contact sensor appears.
Just enabled detailed instructions, and it helps me understand better what "bolt/frame strike protection" does.

Thanks for the help!

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There are so many options in the app, which is a good thing, but it does make it more challenging to keep the UI self-explanatory/intuitive.