[RELEASE] Aurora Dimmer Driver with Device Presence

I seem to like writing my own drivers for devices I use, so here's the latest one from the AOne Aurora range.

These are great because they're designed to fit a standard dimmer module size on the back of whatever decorative faceplate you want. They also act as decent repeaters.*

Also available through Hubitat Package Manager.

All the features work with some adaptations for the fact that these are silent on the network when not actuated or prompted. They also do not report level changes when locally controlled, so the driver handles level updates on their behalf when turned on or off.

Rather than trying to keep multiple locations updated I'm going to keep documentation (not that there really is any) on the GitHub page for the relevant drivers these days.

*Xiaomi WXKG07LM (and possibly others) don't like these as repeaters and fall off.

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Reserved post just in case.

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