Release breaks Aeotec (Samsung) 1M6001-MTP motion detector

Samsung 1M6001-MTP zigbee motion sensor seems to have developed a problem on ver 113 platform.

Worked fine on ver 110, updated to 113 and the device is stuck on "active"...never changes state. Reverted back to ver 110 and all is good again.
While on ver 113, I tried deleting device and change.
When I went back to 110, device worked as expected.

This device is a supported device.

The most recent hotfix is, might want to see if that makes a difference. There’s been a lot of zigbee tweaking recently due to issues reported by some C8 hub users.

Thank you for that info...I didn't see that a hotfix was out.

They’ll make an announcement in the “news and updates” category with each release. You can periodically look there or set the forum software to notify you automatically when a new thread is created in that category.

Installed ver 177 this morning...this problem seems to be resolved.