Relay 230V suggestions

I have 2 suction thingies down in my basement to ventilate the washing room and another room as well. They run on a timer from the main "power cabinet" (don't know if that is the correct word) but I would, of course, like it to be connected to HE.
Can anyone recommend a small 230V relay that will work with HE?


Thanks for the fast reply.
The Fibaro looks great but maybe a bit pricey. I was thinking something half that price or less?

I have used the others IE Aeotec but fibaro are the best by far. maybe look at the Qubino range they are supposed to be good and I think are fully supported as well as cheaper.

Do you need a pure relay or a power switch it's fine?
If load is under 10A you could consider two of this (you can find them everywhere Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress)

I just need something to turn my "suckers" on or off. :wink:

In that case I think the should be fine and they are really cheap too

GE 14285, about $150, a little pricey though.

I built my own by taking a standard Zwave switch, wired to a cheap 24vdc transformer, wired to a 50 amp HVAC contactor and a digital power draw meter all mounted in a waterproof plastic utility / box.

I think all in the parts were about $100, so with the GE device is not too far out of the range, but mine can handle more power.