Registration loop

Hi, I am stuck in a registration loop, you click register device and then it redirects to the local Url of the Hubitat and so on and so forth.

Are you just trying to get into your hub for the first time? Occasionally it gets stuck in the intro pages. Going directly to one of the other sections usually clears it up. Try going directly to:

http:// HUB.IP/hub/edit

Hi There,

No I can log into the hub directly through the IP address, however I cannot register the hub, when you click register hub it just takes you to a screen asking if you want to register than when you click on it it redirtects back to the page you where at initially and that is the loop.

You could try going to the diagnostic page:
http:// HUB.IP:8081
You need the MAC from the bottom of the hub to log in.
From there you could try Download latest version to update the hub, and then also do a soft reset in case the database is somehow corrupted.
Setting the date/time may also help, I know that can cause issues sometimes if it is way off.

See if one of those helps. Otherwise @support_team ???

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So, either the soft reset or syncing the clock fixed the issue, THANK YOU!

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