Refrigerator door

My new refrigerator door refuses to close on its own. I know, fix the door! LOL

I can't see how to do that, so in the meantime I added a contact sensor.

What rule would notify me if the door was open for more than 1 minute?

Trigger on door open? Trigger on door change?

Run the notification (in this case another rule that flashes the lights green), then wait a minute?

Perhaps this belongs in a rule design section, but I thought "How To" fit since other refrigerator questions are here?

Thank you so much for any help!

I'm running the trigger every minute, and then flash the lights if the fridge contact is open.

Is there a more elegant way?

I've noticed that about new fridges-most of them require a push. That's a step backwards, in my opinion.

I don't use contact, but I do have a hue motion sensor in my freezer door and it's been working great for a couple of years now, I think, on the same batteries.

With the hue,you can use lux, or temperature. I don't use motion, but I guess you could.

Thank you for the speedy and detailed reply! I put the contact sensor that only triggers closed if the door is fully shut. Seems to work.

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The simplest, easiest approach is the Notifications app - it is tailor made for this kind of use.


I did my survey of fridge doors a couple times ago at Home Depot. I really think it's weird that the majority don't close by themselves. I'd definitely prefer one that does.

Didn't think of using the notifications app, thanks!

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I have contacts inside my garage freezer and fridge and the notification app is simple to use for these notifications. Even have it announcing on my Alexa devices too.

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I think I had to switch over to RM when l got the Ecolink chime siren.

We just got a new refrigerator on Friday, so I have been paying attention to this. Behavior has been good so far. It is a mix of door design and setup. I doubt that the examples on a store floor are setup correctly (biased for gravity).

No, there was definitely a detent on most of the floor models.

Might be to stop pets and children shutting themselves in accidentally

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This seems most likely...even though modern fridges don't lock any more, any airtight box that is large enough for a kid to squeeze into is potentially more dangerous if it closes on its own. I'll take saving one kids life over me having to give my fridge door a push. :slight_smile:

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It would be quite the flexible kid to fit in here. Maybe that is why mine closes.


I assure you, some kids (or pets) can get themselves stuck in the most unexpected places.

2 Likes of my kids hid his brother in the bottom drawer of his bureau!

Another fridge invader:

2023-09-18 12_27_23-humorous things living in fridge - Google Search

And this is very common in Manhattan and other expensive cities:
2023-09-18 12_27_51-humorous things living in fridge - Google Search

I have a temp sensor in the egg drawer. If the door is left open a piston notifies my cell through Pushover that the temp has risen beyond a setpoint.

I have this on my fridge door.
It's not smart, but it is wireless.
The sensor is next to the Hue.

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