Hmm, now it's all just worked perfectly as I drove away from the property. The ST presence sensor tile updated (as it has previously), followed by the 2 Life360 tiles (which did not before). The swimming pool lights then went out as expected. Not sure why it wasn't working before but seems good now. Will have to check if the Mode tile also updates later tonight when it moves from Evening to Night.

Mode tile still didn't update on my Android phone. Updated fine without a browser refresh on an Asus Chromebook I have here. Seems there is something weird going on with my phone, along with others on this thread...

I agree, I think it is a phone issue not an HE issue.

It's an HE Dashboard issue because it doesn't run on my phone! :slight_smile: Meaning, I'm sure Google ain't going to be fixing this for me :sob:

Please provide the rest of the information requested, feel free to send the cloud url in a PM if you would like.

Sent. Thank you!

Not sure what else you need. I believe all your other questions are covered above...