Refresh Pick A Device list

When adding a new device block to a dashboard the 'Pick A Device' list is not up to date. How can I refresh this list? From the Main Devices Menu the device is shown.

Dashboards will only offer the specific list of devices you have authorized for that particular dashboard "child app." To change this:

  1. Navigate to Apps
  2. Find Hubitat Dashboard in the list and look for your specific dashboard under that, and click/tap that app name to navigate to that particular dashboard.
  3. Select Choose Devices, and make sure any devices you want are checked in this list.
  4. Select Done to save, then you should see these devices available for selection in your actual dashboard (you may need to reload the page in your browser if you had it open this whole time).

Step 1 is important--this is under Apps on Hubitat, not Dashboards or inside the Dashboard itself (but rather the app on the Hubitat side).

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Thank you. I had not added any devices in years and I forgot how I did it.
Thank you very much

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