Red flag in upper right corner

Not sure when it started but I now have a red flag in upper right corner. When I select it i get a "Hub not registered, please register" It seems to put me in an endless loop logging into the portal. When I go directly to Hubitat user portal and log in everything seems to be fine and selecting the registered device takes me back to my system home screen so as far as I can tell I seem to be registered. Any ideas?

Reboot the hub and see if he problem persists. If so, contact

Thanks for reporting this we will take a look

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No change after reboot. My Alexa seems to be working so I believe the account appears live.

Are you running any kind of firewall on your network?

I use Norton. I also think my ATT modem has some built in firewall that I do not have access to.

Can you go to Settings -> Hub Details and check the time it shows on the bottom of the popup?

Yeah, it's about 25 Min slow, should I update it now?


it appears that AT&T blocks all connections to ntp time servers, so we will look into a fix for that.

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OK, now I have 2 flags. Second one says "cloud connection is unavailable"
I don't see any problems other than flags.

you should reboot now and see if they go away.. also update the time on your hub after you reboot.

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OK, cleared both. As a side note when I reboot the bar is green and says hub rebooting, then stays there. I don't get the rebooting pop up window until I hit refresh. No big deal but I noticed others commenting on the same issue.

Just to be clear. At&t does not block traffic TO ntp servers. It blocks all traffic from udp source port 123. If you configure ntp to use tcp, or another udp source port or upper range ephemeral source ports, ntp will work fine on at&t.

Hubitat just needs to provide more configuration flexibility.

So just to be clear to this easily confused senior citizen, other than messing with system clock, is that bad?

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It can be. Certain devices, particularly smart-home automation devices that are interconnected with each other can be very reliant on having precise and consistent time.

When I first got my HE, I had tons of issues with random restarts, ecobee authentication issues, etc. Since correcting my ntp issues, none.

Modern authentication methods often require accurate clocks.

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Yes, you are correct, if a bit pedantic. It is still an odd choice by AT&T and effectively blocks ntpd from doing its job.

I'm not sure it's pedantic, it's a rather important distinction.

That said, it does seem like an incredibly odd decision, especially in the name of "security"