Red and Blue Colors Not the Same Settings


I have a bulb that I am changing the colors for different things. Mostly playing around. I noticed that the Blue has a Sat setting and a Hue setting but the Red does not.
Why are they different? Created both with the same rule just picked red vs. blue.


You can actually do it for any color. If you set a color first, this is what you get.



If you first set a custom color, then go back in and set a standard color without wiping out the custom color settings, this is what you get.



Tagging @bravenel. Looks like a bug in the color bulb settings action. When a custom color is set first, those setting appear to be maintained after setting to a standard color. It does not appear that this is solely a UI bug.


Yes, there is a bug in Rule 2.5 for sat settings. Fixed in upcoming release of Rule 3.0.


That is your fastest reply yet Bruce. Did you already have that one fixed or did I just happen to hit you at the right time? :smiley: Thanks so much!!!

And this is the 2nd post I've seen that included Rule 3.0. Big changes? Exciting stuff!!


Already found it and fixed it, in the new release.


Thanks @bravenel.


How do you wipe out the previous custom settings?


Just delete them before you set to the standard color. For you existing rule, select "Custom Color" and then wipe out the Hue, Sat and Level and then select Blue again.


Thanks Ryan. I will give it a shot.