Recurring event


How do I create an event that is triggered by time, say 8am, evaluates conditions and does what it needs to and then repeats it again 10 minutes later by evaluating the conditions? It should keep checking conditions every 10 minutes until 2 hours later (10 am) when it should just stop and not run again until 8 am the next day.


It's an action be it true or false you just repeat a private boolean in the condition and make the time frame between 8am and 10am. Just add in your specific condition with an AND statement if you need to check another condition for the rule to run, Then add in your Action that you want to happen ten times.


Thank you. I'll give it a go over the weekend.


Ok, I've got a question. What do I need the private boolean for?


Because you said you wanted it to reevaluate every 10 minutes. So the condition private boolean being true will make the rule true and therefore as long as it’s between 8 and 10 it will run the action for true, which will keep the private Boolean for this rule true, and so it will again reevaluate the rule.

Now that I look at again, I think I made a mistake, and it should be repeat 1 time every 10 minutes not repeat 12 times every minutes.


So if I didn't use the private boolean, would the rule only repeat until it had performed the actions for true and then not repeat again?

In regards to the definition of the repeat action, I have just created a new post for the clarification of the repeat action as it is ambiguous. Clarification of repeat action


I would do this very differently. I would do it with a restriction. Set up the triggered rule to run every 10 minutes and then set the restriction to only run between 8 and 10 am.


Thanks Ryan! This looks promising and simpler. I’ll give it a go soon.
Thanks for clarifying (in the other thread) that the repeat action only applies to the action and that it won’t re-evaluate the rule.


Thanks again Ryan. I have tested this now and it works great


Better. Good call


Thank you.


Finally a solution that works for my hub, thanks you!!!

Haven't gotten any repetitions to work before i tried this...awesome!!