Recommended Zigbee Keypad Locks

I currently have a Schlage Connect door lock on our front door which is working well, and I'd like to install a new lock on our back door. I'm considering the Yale Assure SL Zigbee lock because it looks good, has a touch screen, is keyless, and is newer than my Schlage lock. However, I've read many negative reviews regarding this lock failing after 1 year on Amazon which is worrying me.

Does anyone have this lock and can comment on it? Also, any recommendations for other similar touch screen locks with zigbee that works with Hubitat?


I have had this lock for just about a year. No issues thus far.

Thanks. That is good to hear. Can you use HE's Lock Manager to manage lock codes for this Yale lock?

Yes. I have two Yale zigbee locks, and LCM has worked perfectly.

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Great! Thank you for the confirmation.

I recently installed the Yale zwave version, but am constantly running into delayed and failed commands. My distance to the hub is fine... So, I'm thinking of going to the Zigbee version..

How are things running with the Yale Zigbee version? Any feedback from the general audience?

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I hope I'm general audience - I have nothing but good things to say about both my Yale zigbee locks.

They work perfectly with Lock Code Manager. They work perfectly with voice control via Alexa. And no automation events have ever missed. Both physical and digital events are reported - making it possible to use Node-RED (for example) to perform distinct automations based on physical v/s digital events.

Also battery life is reported regularly (and is seemingly accurate).

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Thanks, good info. Do you use zwave at all? Just curious if your entire setup is zigbee.

I use z-wave as well. But these locks are on an all-zigbee Hubitat with lots of zigbee repeaters.

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Thanks for the info. Not to go off track here, but why do you have dedicated individual hubs for zwave and zigbee? Better performance? I'm using NR too, it's great!

Agree! I have a YRD256 - replaced the Z-Wave module with Zigbee after earlier difficulties and have not experienced any issues so far :crossed_fingers:- it's been like 2 years or so. The nice thing about the Zigbee module is it's fast and I believe security is part of the protocol so pairing is not "complicated" :smile:. Also like the look of it too..

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Just letting everyone know the Zigbee Yale locks work much better than Zwave. Rock solid so far!

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I have one hub for z-wave & zigbee. And a second hub for zigbee alone. All the repeaters on the second hub are Aqara compatible.

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