Recommended Z-wave-Plus on/off switches

Looking for recommendations on Z-wave-Plus switches for outdoor lights with indoor switches. No need for dimming.

I just started with Hubitat, and have it working with some older Zigbee bulbs and Kasa plugs.
The friend who got me started with Hubitat, and has a big HA system and a lot of experience, recommended Innovelli Red, but their switches have so far been unavailable.
I found a recommendation for UltraPro switches (apparently made by Jasco) but not a lot of info.
I would appreciate suggestions from users who have experience with Hubitat.

Thanks all.

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Tons of good options, really.

  • Innovelli red or black are good (when you can get them)
  • Zooz devices have been good for me (I only have the newer zwave 700 models)
  • Jasco/Honeywell/Ultra Pro are OK. I have a large number of the newer models, and they have worked well

I'm not a fan of the leviton (although some are) or Eaton models - mainly on dimmers, might not matter on a switch.


They are not zwave but I use only Lutron Caseta switches. I have 35 or so of them. Bulletproof. Requires their PRO hub but the integration is all local. I think you'll find many HE users have a similar experience.


Welcome aboard! If you didn't stumble on the following thread, yet, check out some of the most popular switches listed here:


Are the Zigbee bulbs on the same circuit as the proposed switches? If yes, you might want to consider switches that support "smart bulb" mode.


Also a good consideration. The newer zooz can, and I know some (maybe all? not sure) inovelli. GE/Jasco/Honeywell/UltraPro do not.


Thanks for the pointer to "Most Popular Switches" Good info.

The outside lights are NOT Zigbee. One is plain LED bulb. Other is a commercial type "LED Canopy light" Very bright. 45 watts. It has internal dimming (2 separate wires) for use with a 0-10 volt dimmer switch. I don't want dimming. This one needs simple dusk-to-dawn operation.


Also known by the name "Ultrapro" on Amazon these days. Same HW, different labeling.

These are what I use and they have always been a "just works" switch.

They do lack a "bulb" mode if you want to use the switch to control a smart bulb rather than managing the circuit. For normal dumb bulb control (switch and dimmer) I have found them to be trouble-free, and @JasonJoel has created drivers for them which provide more features (up to 6 virtual buttons) and faster switch status reporting speed.

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I like Zooz due to their good capabilities and lower cost - have installed them (700 series & V4s) in several homes as well as my own. Zooz does not recommend their switches be used for exhaust fans however so I use GE Enbrightens for those specifically.

Inovelli is also good for decora style paddles but they are really struggling to keep things in stock and are a bit pricier than Zooz. I have"toggle" style switches anyway - something that Inovelli doesn't carry.


I have 2 of these switches and 2 dimmers along with a mix of Innovelli, The UltraPro ones work just fine and are relatively inexpensive.


I've lost several Zooz switches/dimmers and won't be buying any more. I just wish Innovelli wasn't faced with the same supply chain issues as everyone else.

Their inability to diagnose the issues many users are having with their double plug is the nail in the coffin.

Their toggle switches and dimmers have been great - the 4-in-1s, discontinued power plug (NOT Zen15 - thats good too) and I guess the double plug seem problematic.

I had a client that replaced all their switches with Zooz about 2 years ago and very little issues to report for such a large install. Again these were toggle style as is common in my area.

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My experience has been with the 4-in-1 and the ZSE18. I've had several of the ZSE18s just die. Spent a half hour trying all sorts of things and finally just threw them away.


Interesting.. thanks for that info. I've been using Zen23/24s and Zen73/74s switches/dimmers. Also as mentioned Zen15.

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I just ordered two UltraPro (Jasco), one each dimmer and switch. If they're anything like the GE Enbrighten (I have an older one in the garage), they will have better tactile feedback than the Zooz. My wife especially has issues with them so it's not so dreadful if/when they die as I want them all gone anyway.

ETA: To be clear, all my Zooz that have died are the 1st gen stuff Zen21/22/27. still 2 years life is not acceptable. I had one in a 4-way fail after 4 months. Innovelli has been in there for 18 months now so it's not a wiring issue.

My old Zen 23/24 V2's do not report state properly - sometimes or not at all when physically toggled but respond to hub commands. Also the firmware cannot be upgraded. They have lasted for 4 years or so though. I too want to get rid of them and will replace them with newer ones. Having said that the newer ones are working fine. The 700 series switches/dimmers have a slightly different wiring pattern. I do like that they don't need a special companion switch for a 3-way.

Thanks for all the help, everyone.

I jumped in and ordered a couple of switches.
Decided to try two kinds and see how they do with Hubitat.
Just ordered one UltraPro 39378 and one Zooz Zen76 (for 3-way).
Will work with these for a while as I get familiar with Hubitat operations.
Still interested in Innovelli, so will watch for them to become available.

I took a look at the Zooz website to see which one to order. Amazing array of products there. Too many toys in this home automation world. Dangerous to budget.


Check out @jtp10181's awesome Zooz advanced drivers.. they can be installed via the community Hubitat Package Manager - HPM or directly.

  • 1 for Zooz Zen7x series. I have seven of them installed and they are solid.

I have 45 zwave devices right now with the majority being zen2x series

In two locations where I was having some trouble with coverage - before the external antenna mod - replacing zen2x with zen7x cleaned up the periodicity slow response issues.

I have a few inovelli red series dimmers in the mix and the notification bars are awesome but their zwave performance does not match that of even the zen2x. Nobody seems to mention that. All three inovelli’s are always on the top of the list for route changes (again before the antenna mod)

From my wink days I had three GEs (one still has not died) and a chatty Leviton (replaced under warranty because they couldn’t support FW upgrades at that time)

Price of the Zooz stuff (if you have a US ship to address) is another win for Zooz. Unfortunately it’s not the same story for us Canadians.

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