Recommended YouTube video or other tutorial to setup a tablet to run Hubitat?

I've gotten a few things working on my Hubitat.

I would like to have an iPad mounted to my wall which will activate and do things in coordination.

As I've not tried this yet, is there a good video anyone might recommend that shows how to actually set the iPad up to work with Hubitat and then how to setup the buttons and make a screen to do things I want to do?

Appreciate it.

this all relates to your dashboard. the dashboard is where you can layout and set up buttons to trigger your devices. after you have the dashboard configured, you can either log into the dashboard through a web browser on your iPad, or you can download the hubitat app and access the dashboard that way.

depending on how locked down you want it to be, there are kiosk type apps that you can lock the device down to only open certain apps or webpages (you would lock it down to the webpage of your dashboard)

you can create multiple dashboards, so if you wanted to separate dashboard for each room, then link to those rooms in another main dashboard, you can do so. this can be helpful if you plan on having multiple tablets for different rooms, and only want that room to be accessed on a specific tablet, but then you can access all the dashboards on your phone

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Not everything on your list, but this may help:

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Thanks - I didn't realize I had to install dashboard as a new app first. that along with the video posted below and I now understand how to get started - thanks to you guys!


nice. welcome to the fun and definitely reach out for any questions you might have

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