Recommended settings for Room Light?

I tagged the dev who created the app up above, I think he is the only one who will know if this is intentional behavior or not. There could be a setup where you would not want it to change the level so he has it this way on purpose, in which case the Force option does what you want. So just have to wait for him to respond at this point I think.

Also, using the Force will not be too bad here, since I am guessing you are not pressing that button repeatedly. A quick flurry of 7 level commands (and one on command) should not cause any problems.


issue appear to be only on the ON command. Off command works even if dimmer is at 99 or 20.
so I did this. and it works. (this a the "movie" RL where I turn off most of the lights on the main floor and dim a few) only need to force those that are set to be ON.

@jtp10181 just curious, before when I was creating a scene, I had to use metering otherwise some lights were not going on or went to the wrong level.

now that option is gone which worried me until I realized that I dont have the issues I had before.
so what has been done? I love it! (just curious again, sorry, off topic)

Might be helpful for you to look through below on RL:

General info:

Groups and Scenes in RL:

On metering specifically, from the second link:

Yeah, that's the way it works at the moment, and I agree that is incorrect. It should be more nuanced, and set the level when it is not set correctly. Next release... Please test it when that comes out.


The fix for this issue has been released: Release 2.3.3 Available - #8 by bravenel


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Fix seems to work, ran the same test and the light that was set to 100% adjusted down to 20% while the one which was off, turned on at 20% as expected.

Would this apply across all RL apps or just if you are using it with the Scene Indicator?

It is independent of scene indicator.

Before it was only looking at switch state. Now it looks at all relevant attributes.


Ok this will be interesting to see what happens in my master bath, I have a fade up over time in a separate rule for when it gets turned on in the AM. Re-activation via the motion sensor might make it reset back to the initial level. I do not have "Activate even if partially activated" enabled on that one. I will wait and see what happens.

I cannot think of any other situations this might cause a conflict right now, will see how it works.


wow, that was a quick fix! love it!

tested and it works!

if I may, I would have a little feature request. (or if it's there, I dont know how to use it)
would be nice if a RL activator could have 3 states: on/off/someOn (I see logs showing them) but I can't seems to do RM on "someOn"

reason is, we install zen32 keypad for our customers. some buttons are "basement on" and "basement off" which triggers their respective RL. then, based on the RL status, we have RM that triggers on the status of the RL to turn on or off the leds of the zen32 buttons. if the RL could have the 3 status, I could only use one RL called "basement" instead of 2 RL ("basement on" and "basement off")


Its in the Current States of the activator device that can be created for the RL instance.

You could use that as a custom attribute in RM.

Here is my RM I use on one of my ZEN32 buttons to turn the LED on and off with a RL activator. I just use the on/off state of the activator. I have never used the groupState for anytihng.

Here is the RL:

And here is the button controller which toggles the activator:

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glad im doing it the same way as you! :slight_smile: I feel smart now!

that's what I do most of the time except for managing the second floor lights

on zen32:
button 1: 2nd floor on.
button 2: 2nd floor off.

like you, I want the zen32 leds to reflect the status. if 2nd floor is on, I want led of button 1 to be on and button 2 to be on if all light are off. the challange is when they are either all on or all off (SomeOn)

so Im doing it that way:
which require 2 RL.
but if a RL could be on/off/SomeOn, then one RL would be enough.

never mind... found it! woohoo!
it's in custom attribute

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Yeap, I said that up above but probably got lost in my long post sorry.

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I think I might have found another issue.

I have a all off RL with the force option in "means to turn on" and checked the force checkbox next to each dimmer/switch. when I trigger that RL, as expected, the off command is sent to each switch/dimmer regardless of their state. so far so good.

then, if I go back in my RL, uncheck "force" next to each switch/dimmer and go into "means to turn on" and disable the force option and trigger the all off RL, it still sent a off request to each light regardless of their state.

What the the state prior, and why would you expect it not to send off? Turning Off Room Lights does not check the state of each device, it just sends an off command. If the device is already off, no harm comes from this.

Activation is handled differently. Were you Activating or Turning Off?

agreed it's a bit confusing :slight_smile:
the RL is to turn off all lights. so when I hit "activate" it turns everything off and regardless of the state of each lights.
im not a zwave expect. I found it weird that it sends the command regardless of the states when the activation is a OFF command but ack differently when activation is a ON command.

I tested it again. activate my RL that turns everything off, manually turned on one light and activate again the all off RL. I see logs for every lights.
did the same test and activated a RL that turns all light of the main floor on, manually turned on light off and activate the main floor on RL and logs shows only one light been touched.

again, not a hubitat/zwave expect. just tring to help :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this observation. I think you're right, that it shouldn't bang away at devices that are off. It's an easy fix for that...

little recommendation. (while im there)
I would love to be able to trigger a RM for a custom attribute of a RL actuator with change
but change is not in the list

so I have to do it like that

button 1 is "second floor ON" and button 2 is "second floor OFF"
want the led to reflect the status of the lights of the second floor. if second floor is ON, led 1 is on. if second floor is OFF. led 2 is on. if "someOn" both leds are off as second floor is either on or off.