Recommended Motion Sensor with long battery life

Don’t you need a C-7 for that?

Nope. You can pair it to a 500 series hub.

Pairing it without S2 security doesn't always work 100% right thought (thanks Ring!). Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Which could obviously be an issue on a Hubitat C-5 as it doesn't support S2 security.

All that said, I have NOT tried one on a C-5 hub. I have paired them on other brand 500 series hubs, though.

You can still get the V3 sensors which are just as good plus you get humidity readings as well.

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Do the Ring motion sensors just connect with the HE directly like any other Z-wave device? Or do they require a Ring Base Station?

I have a Z-Wave Ecolink that's been running the same battery for over 3 years (maybe 4!) and its in my living room so gets lots of traffic.

They connect directly to it. I have 2 of them running right now. I have been very impressed with them.

@JasonJoel I think if you look at the compatibility list for Hubitat it does indicate you need the C7 hub for the Gen2 motion sensor. Gen1 does not though.

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I guess the NYCE Zigbee sensors are no longer available or hard to get nowadays. The ones I installed work great. Estimated battery life is 5 years - we'll see though. The devices were/are rather pricey.

Yeah, I tried to find another NYCE Ceiling motion the other week... Out of stock everywhere I looked. :frowning:

That was my main motivator in trying out that Haozee zwave 700 multisensor.


I had one NYCE motion sensor which I deployed recently. (It was my only one).
Part of the reason that it was pricey is because of the fact that the metal which is used to house the battery and to make battery contacts, is NOT a thin piece of tin which can easily be bent out of shape. It's a strong piece of metal which is used to make a firm contact with a CR2 battery.
Quality does cost.

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But they’re huge and take forever to sense motion, at least the ones I have in the garage do. They were on clearance when I got them, but I still regret buying them. I will be putting another Hue sensor out there and putting the ring sensors in the drawer.

I don't have the Gen 1, I have the Gen 2 and they work great. I think there may be some confusion as to how the sensitivity settings should be. I have mine set on 1 and the detection has been fantastic.

Thanks for reminding me... I actually did go back and test the sensitivity setting on the Gen2 ring motion sensors.

High # = Less Sensitive. My testing was very consistent in that result. That was the opposite of how I THOUGHT it worked, so I'm glad you said something about this.

I got lucky and found 2 on eBay last weekend, delivered today. Seller had them listed as IL07 (version 3 style) but the pictures looked like the 3326-L (version 2). Figured I'd take the chance and bought them. Turned out to be V2s. Original retail packaging was a bit beat up, but both of them still had the plastic "remove to pair" tabs in the battery compartments. Very happy with how that turned out.

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I ordered two more of the Nyce ceiling motion sensors from Amazon. They're actually being delivered today. These are my go to favorites when you want humidity also.

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I can tell you what not to get. My two SmartThings motion sensors are pigs and drain the expensive battery in 6 - 8 months. My Dome sensor has over 600 days without a battery change, but I’m not sure what kind of battery it uses.

For the smartthings motion sensors make sure they are on at least firmware version 14. Version 11 drains them really fast. I have about 20 of these and they all last over a year now even in high traffic areas. If you go to the device details and scroll down to the bottom it should look like this if it's on version 14.


Thank you Lewis, yes mine are Version 11. I searched the Hubitat forums for the update procedure and found nothing. How did you update your Smartthings motion sensors?

Just wanted to give a little more insight into the short battery life on the latest generation SmartThings motion sensor. I have at least 8 of these and found battery life was terrible. When I mean terrible I was getting 2 weeks if I was lucky. See SmartThings Motion Sensor poor battery life

The ones I have installed are a mixture of v11 & v14. Back when I was having all the trouble I purposely update some sensors to v14 (through SmartThings) to see if there was a difference in battery life. At that time, mid 2020, I found no difference. Battery life was bad for both versions. I even converted a few of them to use dual CR123 batteries and I was lucky to get a month. Again, terrible. People were sighting poor mesh for which I doubled the amount of repeaters and was still having the same problems.

Sometime last last year 2020 the poor battery life problem went away. It wasn't due to firmware and it wasn't the zigbee mesh or changing anything related to devices. The only thing that changed was hub updates. I don't know what version it was but I am still on the same batteries since Jan/Feb and they still are going strong. I hope this helps

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I used my old smartthings hub to update them.

I have a dozen of Aeon's MultiSensor6's and I replace batteries multiple times a year. I have ONE of the TriSensors and replaced it's original battery today. Purchased September 27, 2021. More than a year, one battery. :smiley:

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