Recommendations on Dimmers that will work with specific LED Power supplies

I have two types of LED power supplies used in some new LED strip lighting in a home and need help in identifying zwave dimmers that will work. I have tried the latest Honeywell/Jasco dimmer and HomeSeer dimmer but neither work.

  1. PlusPoE power supply which reads "Dim with Phase-cut (Triac) Dimmer:

  2. LED Magnetic Driver:

Any help is appreciated!

I haven't tried them myself, but I have heard these work well for accurate dimming. They are unique (from what I can tell) in that they receive the low voltage output from the power supply and then adjust it further for the LED which is supposed to give more accurate control than trying to adjust from 120Volts down. They are not Z-wave plus (so you hay have to bring them close to the hub for inclusion and you won't have any other of the + advantages, but if you want accurate control of the LEDs, this may be an option).

It looks like there is a z-wave plus model:

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