Recommendations for plugs that retain state when power is restored

I want a to purchase a couple smart plugs that retain state when power is restored. Prefer zigbee and under $20. The load will be very low.

Any suggestions?

The Iris plugs do.

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Adding to this list, a quick test revealed that:

Securifi Peanuts and Ikea Tradfri plugs also retain their state.


All Zooz plugs I've used have power recovery options as a Z-Wave parameter. This includes the ZEN15 ("Zooz Power Switch" or "heavy-duty plug"), ZEN25 ("double plug"), and ZEN20 (power strip). I haven't used the ZEN06 (their older "Smart Plug" with two USB ports), but the manual says it has this option, too--figured I'd check since all the rest do. :slight_smile: All let you set the recovery state to either last state (my personal preference), on, or off. In the case of the power strip, the first option remembers the state of each outlet, not one setting for the whole strip.

I also just tried the latest (2018/"v5," though I think that numbering really only lines up with the motion sensor...) SmartThings Zigbee plug, and it appears to do the same, at least with the default configuration (not sure it can be changed). I didn't leave it unplugged for very long though, so I'm not sure if it will "forget" after a while or exhibit other behavior in that case.

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