Recommendations for a home energy monitor

I’m looking at a home energy monitor for the house to monitor some of my 220 V appliances. (Dryer, dishwasher, stove, hot water tank) note I am in Canada. 200amp service Residential two phase I believe.

I was looking at the Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS but wanted to see what everyone else thought of this device and or if you have any other experiences. I really want to make sure that I can single out the Appliances but it doesn’t need to be said zwave

If anybody is using this device can you share some screenshots of pictures that may show what it looks like after some usage?

Currently using Google home assistant
Z wave thermostats
Multiple Wi-Fi plugs sonoff
Ifttt and home assistant

I have two of the v1 Aeon HEM. One clamp of one of them monitors my microwave so we don’t forget things we’re warming. The other clamp monitors my washing machine in combination with a status light sensor (my machine is a difficult case).

My second HEM monitors both legs of my home power. With this driver, I can see separate clamp readings, and the total usage. Works great and as I understand it, better than the Gen 5 which I saw mention that the driver isn’t showing separate readings for each clamp like it should.

The v1 is inexpensive, reliable, and really accurate. I had a Sense HEM for a while, and while that didn’t work out for me because of my difficult to monitor washing machine, I was able to check my Aeon DSB09104 against the Sense and it was very close. Within 30 watts if I’m remembering correctly.

Here’s what it looks like in the driver details.

Here’s a simple dashboard I whipped together just for an occasional overall glance at our usage.

For the washing machine and Microwave, I use a slightly modified version of the Laundry monitoring driver originally written by @mike.maxwell I’m not concerned about the use of my washer and microwave, I just want to know when they’re running, and when they have stopped so I can trigger voice and text notifications. The code linked to has button 3 (running) for the washer. I monitor my 220v dryer differently now, so for the Microwave, I also added button 4 push to the code so I know when it’s running too.

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Spend the money and get IoTaWatt. Great recommendation from @ogiewon. Who also wrote an App for it.


Also a good recommendation. I already owned an Aeon v1 HEM, so for me it made sense to just spend $60 CAD on another one, since I only wanted to monitor each leg of my total home usage in addition to the on/off and running states of my washer and Microwave.

But the IoTaWatt is a nice choice if you don’t already own something. I will say though, that it’s not available from Canadian sellers, so getting one here is rather expensive. Close to the price of a Sense Home Energy Monitor. Sense is a fantastic system, but unfortunately no HE integration at this time. @tonesto7 mentioned he would be porting what he has working for it on SmartThings, but I’ve not been following that progress since I determined that Sense just wasn’t right for me.

I've got one of the Gen5 working on my test hub using this driver:

As you can see, it does show values for the separate clamps:



Good info. Thanks. Do you think clamp will read if wiring is in small conduit? I want to monitor when my HVAC blower turns on. Thanks!

Yes it does. You just attach one clamp to the hot of any 110~240 AC circuit and you can monitor it. For a 220~240 circuit, you attach a clamp to one of the hot wires and monitor half the load.

To be clear, you cannot clamp around both the hot and neutral in a 110~120v cord or plastic conduit. And you cannot clamp around both hot wires in a 220~240v circuit.

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Thank You! Makes sense,

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