Recommendation - Mode or Smart Lighting App for Dimmers

I am trying to use modes (morning, day, evening, night, away) in my setup. I am trying to use morning and evening mode to set dimmers to a certain level if they are off. Is it best to use the Smart Lighting app, or Mode Lighting app for this example?

Edit: simple automation app, not smart lighting.

What exactly do you want to do? At the start of the mode do you want them to turn to a specific brightness if off OR during the mode, at any time when they are turned on, after being off obviously, turn to a specific brightness?

For the first case, this can be done simply in RM or Simple Automations maybe.
For the second case, it can also be done in RM of course, but I would use the Mode Lighting app, which I believe is bundled with the Motion Lighting app now. Not exactly sure what "Smart Lighting app" you are referring to, is it a new built in one I haven't noticed or is it a community app?