Recommend Chime Device

Can someone recommend a good beeping device. I need something that beeps while my entry delay/exit delay is going on.

I have an IRIS V2 keypad, but the volume is too low. Can't seem to get it any louder. Wondered about replacing it with a Ring Keypad, but don't know if that can beep or not.

I also have a Dome siren but its operation is flaky. Delays when starting, hard to get it to stop. When I did a repeat to that device it would keep going for 10 to 15 seconds after I told it to stop.

The Ring Keypad Gen 2 does make a sound as the exit and entry delays are going, The problem is that recent firmware has made it a sometimes less then reliable device. If you have a older device it seems to work pretty well. Mine does.

Have you tried this?

The Keypad will beep as you raise or lower the volume level, signaling that the volume has changed.

  • To increase the volume, press and hold the 2 button.
  • To decrease the volume, press and hold the 5 button.
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Yeah, tried that. Didn't seem to make much difference.

There are also inexpensive Tuya-based Zigbee siren/alarm devices, which feature a nice ding-dong (and many other) melodies. Availabe from Amazon, Walmart, etc..

Should you have an Android tablet or old Android phone dedicated to being used as a dashboard, install the Fully Browser, load the sound files you want to play onto the device, then use the FKBC app and RM to control which sound and when the sounds are played.

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I highly recommend the Ecolink 700 series Z-wave chime/siren. The primary disadvantage is that it costs $69. I have two of the on the 1st floor, one on the second.

It comes with a built-in set of 20 chimes and siren tones. However, you can store custom sound files in the wav format on a microSD card to use your own custom sounds. I have mine set up so that it announces such things as:
The front door has been opened.
There is motion in the foyer.
The chest freezer has malfunctioned (when the temperature goes higher than 0F).
A water leak has been detected in the laundry room.

In total I have 44 different custom announcements., but could add more if needed.

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I notice on Amazon they have an older version of this, SC-ZWAVE5. It says it’s a siren and chime. But HE’s list only shows siren driver for it. It’s quite a bit cheaper but wonder if the chime siren driver will work with it.

I used to use this on a couple tablets but got away from that and no longer have any. Or old phone for that matter.

Great heads up. Going to try this!

The Gen 500 device is only rated 2.7 stars on Amazon. That does not bode well for the device.
I know the Gen 700 device works well with Hubitat. Yes, it is more expensive, but is it worth the risk of purchasing the less expensive device just to save $30. Another good feature of the 700 series device is battry backup. Thus, if you have backup power for your hub, the chime will continue to work even during a power failure of limited duration.