Recieved NZ/AU ZWave & Zigbee USB with Hubitat hub. ZWave USB not detecting?

Hello. I have few ZWave and Zigbee sensors on order and they will not show up to my door for couple of weeks. I have just received the hub today in courier, plugged it in, updated to latest firmware. Looking at screenshots below, can someone please confirm if both the ZWave and Zigbee USB devices are being detected by the hub? Looks like Zigbee is but not ZWave. I have powered off the HUB and ensured that both sticks were plugged in before being powered ON.

Comparing your screenshot and mine. It doesn't look like you have the Z-WAVE module.
Maybe give a shout.

Do you have two dongles or just one ?

Just one and North America.

Sorry I was meaning techwhizard but I see he did provide that info already.

One of my hubs where I don't use Z-Wave but have a dongle inserted looks same as yours so maybe it's correct - until you add your first device. I assume it says enabled in top right hand corner (cropped off in screenshot)

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One of my hubs is stickless (I just use it with LAN and virtual devices), and I kept getting notifications in the upper right that my ZigBee and Z-Wave radios were offline until I went into the pages for each (as you did) and disabled them (which you've cut off in the screenshot but I assume have left at "enabled"). I suspect you'd get the same notifications if that were the case.

The "Z-Wave Radio Devices" list does not show the Z-Wave controller (stick/hub) in the list, so that is normal. You'll only see devices you've included into your Z-Wave network. If you haven't paired any Z-Wave devices yet, what you see is what I'd expect.