Recessed wall tablets and house for sale

Just throwing it out there, I've been considering putting in recessed wall tablets and the one thing that hit me was how big the hole is going to be :slight_smile:

I figure if I ever sell my home the tablet and wall mount will need to stay (or be patched)

Anyone have any experience with selling a home (or buying one) with installed tablets, was it much of an issue for buyers?

No experience with selling a home, but a decent drywall guy can make that hole disappear. Personally I wouldn't worry about it.


When you cut the hole, cut it out neatly and save it. Then, its an easy DIY repair. :grin:


I would just leave the tablet in situ and the hubitat hub, market it as a smart home and add a few $$$ to the asking price :slight_smile: .. The only thing I would consider in having a recess for a tablet is whether or not i’m going to have to patch and redecorate when the tablet needs upgrading and the dimensions change..

That was a concern too, but by all indications you get at least 3-4 years out of tablet so if it’s that long I don’t think I’d mind

IMHO, DIY HA systems like Hubitat are unlikely to add value to a home in the minds of most prospective buyers. Unless you happen to sell to another home automation enthusiast.

But I agree with others that even a tablet-sized hole in drywall is still an easy patch job for someone that knows what they’re doing. Especially if you save the cutouts (good idea @stephen_nutt)

So you should be fine either way.