Receiving "invalid operand type" on "increased by over" and "decreased by over" triggers on a rule

@brad I'm having the exact same problem with OpenWeatherMap alerts driver you're using as well.

Are you using Custom Attribute for these? That could explain the problem. I believe Custom Attribute defaults to String, but I'll have to check. The driver must define the correct type for the attribute.

Same problem here. I modified a rule, changing it from triggering on changed temperature to increased by 1 temperature.
C8 on
Samsung Zigbee button using built in Samsung Zigbee button driver.

my application state is different.
NAME p.130:temperature TYPE java.math.BigDecimal VALUE 68.17
NAME p.PB TYPE String VALUE true
Error Log entry: invalid operand type for 68.17(number) decreased by over 1.0(number)

Are you using Custom Attribute?

Yep. Isn’t that the only way to add wind_gust since it can’t be aligned to a standard attribute in HE?

See Known Issues in Release

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Since I don’t know what that is, I’m going with no. :wink:

I think what Bruce is referring to is, when you setup the trigger in your rule, are you selecting custom attribute in the first drop-down, or temperature?

I selected temperature.

I'm having same issue with Aqara mutisensors (triggering on increasing and decreasing humidity to control bath exhaust fans) which worked great until after a hub update (not sure which one broke it, but release notes mention changes in this area). I tried recreating the triggers using "decreased by over" instead of just "decreasing", but errors persist (original errors had "string" instead of "number" at end of error message).

Regarding the "know issues", I am seeing this error even though I am not using a custom attribute.

Please show the rule in question.

Here are the log entries. I paused the rule after these showed up.

I also created a test rule which generates the same error.

Fix in next release.


Is this now fixed? I am getting very similar error messages when using the simple 'decreased' trigger on a custom attribute (I have tried setting the attribute as an integer and as a floating number with a decimal point in the driver but errors both ways).

I am running which says it has fixed this for "decreased by over".

Any thoughts welcome ...

It is fixed for me. resolved it.