Received data from .... no match found

Have this in C-7 logs ...

sys:12022-04-01 05:45:26.521 pm Received data from, no matching device found for, C0A80197:961A, 34E1D1801783 or C0A80197.

C-7 is hub meshed with C-5 cant seem to figure out what this means exactly and what device(s) causing it ...

Something on your LAN is sending data to your hub, and what you're seeing its IP address (the 192.x.x.x address) as well as the DNI the hub is trying to match it with (after the "for..."), which are the MAC and IP address in decimal and hex. Since you have the IP address of the sending device, this should be easy for you to figure out. The solution is to stop that device from sending data to your hub.

Hub Mesh is probably not related to this; you shouldn't see logs on the "meshed to" hub unless there is a matching device (in which case logs also show up on that hub), which this error is implying you don't have. It could be some local integration you tried to set up sending data to your hub on port 39501. If you recall trying to configure any LAN integrations lately, those would be a good guess. is the C-5. So I thought it was some device on the c-5. The only thing I’ve done as of lately was remove a few z wave switches but made sure to remove them properly.

Interesting. When you say "meshed with," are you talking about the Hub Mesh feature? Or did you use another integration like Link to Hub (I wouldn't recommend this anymore) or HubConnect? I'd expect different errors for those, but I'm not sure I'd expect this one for HubConnect, either. I suppose make sure both are running the same platform version ( is the latest) and are set to the same protocol (TCP or UDP) for Hub Mesh.

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Hub mesh doesn't do this. It's using a separate set of ports that don't overlap with anything else. Hard to say what it is other than "some app or driver from the other hub".

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So the IP of the source device should ultimately determine the source / purpose of the data causing the error.

OP said that the IP is the C5 (MAC address agrees with that also) …

Still makes the error message and subsequent posts odd, if it is mesh related....

Wondering if it was something like a MakerAPI or other non-Mesh communication…


The C0A80197 is hex encoding of the IP which would lend itself to a direct LAN communication theory also.

Thanks for the suggestions, appears that it may have had to do with hub link. I’m not sure why I had it enabled but removed it on the c-5 and have not since seen this error on the c-7 since removing it.