Received cloud request for App 471 that does not exist (and now 79)

Hi, I'm seeing this in my HE log and it happens every minute.
"Received cloud request for App 471 that does not exist, path: /ping from x.x.x.x/xx"

Any idea where do i see what app 471 is and any idea what to do with error? Everything seems to be working.

This usually means that you had a cloud integration set up in the past, like Life360 or HubConnect to SmartThings.

If HubConnect on SmartThings, be sure to remove that app from your SmartThings account.

App '471' was the number of the app on Hubitat that used to be installed, and would have received these cloud connections previously. You must have removed app 471 from your hub.


Hmm.. makes sense.. kind of. Couple of days ago I installed hubconnect, it works and I'm using it with ST. Today I factory reset my kids phone and reinstalled it.
Hubconnect and life360 works normally. I have not removed anything..
I'm getting "error 500" when testing url: http://hubipaddress/installedapp/configure/471

Those pings are coming from amazon aws ..well it's a cloud service.. and there's nothing much to get out of it.

Any suggestions?

I would try removing HubConnect on SmartThings (just the App, not its source code) and see if that stops the issue.

SmartThings runs on the AWS cloud servers.

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Could it be removed.. I need to see instructions if it can be removed. I would still like to use it.

It's hubconnect. I did set it to offline in ST and error stopped. I need to ask instructions from hubconnect topic. Thanks @ogiewon

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Now I'm getting this error in log:
"Received cloud request for App 79 that does not exist, path: /menu/presence/239"

Any idea what is App79? I haven't installed or deleted new apps. I have only updated hubitat when update has been available. This seems to be something that started couple of weeks ago.

Do you use Life360, or another cloud-based Presence tool? It sort of sounds like an App was removed from Hubitat, but the corresponding cloud service is still trying to update the Presence of a device via a Hubitat App.

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Actually, take a look at this thread. It may be the Hubitat mobile phone app causing it.

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Hi, yeah I'm using life360 as a presence tool. I have also enabled Hubitat app location but everything has been same for the last 12 months. It sounds same as described in other topic but I'm not keen to remove application and install it again.. everything works but this is more like ...I'm annoyed that I have those lines in my log :slight_smile:

It isn't that difficult to uninstall and re-install the Hubitat mobile app.

Well for me it's as annoying as seeing those error lines in log.