Received cloud request for App 35 that does not exist, path: /intf/location/updated from

Can’t seem to figure out which cloud service is triggering this app warning? Received cloud request for App 35 that does not exist, path: /intf/location/updated from

Check the thread for solutions (last 2 posts):


That IP is in use by Verizon does that help?

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Like maybe a mobile app installed on a Vz phone?

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Thats what I was thinking as well based on the fact it is trying to update a "location" based on the endpoint.

I’m using our two Verizon cell phones with geo fencing as presence devices. But not sure why it’s triggering this? What should I do next?

Is there a specific setting on the cell phone that needs to be set up in order to use it properly as a presence device using geo fencing?

Did you use/try any third party apps for presence like life360 or something and then delete the app on Hubitat? The Hubitat mobile app does not link to an app on the hub, so the error cannot be from that.

That’s interesting bc once I registered my phone on the Hubitat mobile app, it shows as presence device on the hub.

I used to use Webcore Presence sensor and it works accurately, but that app kept producing 400-600 “Excessive events” every hour. Lol. Never had that problem using WC on SmartThings. Maybe I’ll try Life360.

But bottom line, nobody uses their Verizon cell phone with the native Hubitat app as a Presnce sensor?? That sounds too crazy.

Correct, a device, not an App.
In your error the cloud request is going to an App.
Unless the Hubitat mobile app uses a hidden app on the hub to talk to the device entry, that I am not sure of, but its not likely.

Ahh I see what you mean. But begs the question, why is it looking for an app in the first place? No one else using their Cell phone as a Presence Sensor without getting this message?

Lots of people get this message when they randomly delete apps from the hub without disconnecting the services they are attached to. There is no way to know what you setup and then deleted, only you would know.

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I thought this was connected to my Cell phone as a presence sensor which has no app.

Update: after doing some more research on other threads, people suggesting it’s indeed the Hubitat Mobile app. Some think it’s somehow get's pointed to the wrong hub. They’re suggesting do complete reinstall with fresh new devices and phones.

So I uninstalled all mobile devices and reinstalled them but without the GEO fencing. Still getting the pinging message on my logs. I also dis-associated my Hubitat with any apps or cloud service associated with these mobile devices.. IFTTT, Google, Alexa, Webcore.

Still did not resolve. Thinking last resort do a full factory reset and reinstall. I don’t have many devices or automations on Hubitat yet, since I just migrating over from ST.
Thoughts anyone?

I don't believe you will need to do a factory reset, as I don't expect that would resolve the issue. It is something sending a message to the hub, which won't be controlled by the hub itself.

There's not really such a thing as a full factory reset. You certainly could do a soft reset, but so @sburke781's point, if there is an external app trying to reach your hub, it may just keep on trying even after the reset. If you want to test this theory you can make a backup first, do the soft reset, see if it comes back, and if it makes no difference, just restore from the backup.

A soft reset is available from the diagnostic tool on port 8081...

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That's a thought.... @GHN1013 - Do you happen to have a backup from before this started happening? Am wondering whether you could take a new backup now, restore the old one, see what the app is, then restore the recent backup after fixing the issue.

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I don’t think my backups go back far enough, as I only see a few automatics ones from this week and one manual one. I can try nevertheless.

But to clarify, the pinging is device driven and even if I do a fresh install in a new hub with new IP address, the pinging will still resume?

Likely a device since the originating IP looks like a Vz cell phone. But it could be any cloud-based service trying to reach your hub. Doesn't have to be a physical device,.

As I understand it, Hubitat's cloud service acts like a name service for hubs, kind of like DNS for hubs. So the cloud service trying to talk to app 35 says "hey Hubitat Cloud, I'm trying to find this hub," and Hubitat's cloud says "sure! Here's the IP address." So if you change your IP address the name service will happily provide the new one. @thebearmay explained it to me so I'll maybe ask him to clarify my interpretation.

On the plus side though this is an annoyance there really shouldn't be any security issue or anything else. It's just a pain.

I spent quite a while tracking one of these down back in the day and sure enough it turned out to be some cloud integration where I deleted the local app but never disabled the integration on the cloud side.

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What @brad5 said.... :slight_smile:

Forgive my limited tech knowledge, but isn’t this a good thing by resetting hub with new IP address?

Going to restoring oldest back up now first, before soft reset.

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