Received cloud request for App 1 that does not exist

I'm getting the following error message periodically in my logs, coming from the "hub" component:

Received cloud request for App 1 that does not exist, path: /menu/presence/1 from

Does anybody have any idea where it's coming from?

IP address is registered to Verizon

I checked that already. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell me much.

What does /menu/presence/1 refer to?

By any chance is your phone on Verizon?

Nope. My home internet is, though.

When you say periodically, is it regular intervals?

Do you remember the 1st app you installed when you got hub that you have since removed?

Have you freshly done a soft reset by chance?

It was happening every so often. I'm not sure if the intervals were regular. I haven't seen it in over an hour, though.

I did upgrade the hub firmware a couple of hours ago, but the first instance in the log was from before I did that.

Had you installed and then removed the Hubitat Life360 app?

Never used that app.

Technically, this isn't really an "error," but I still think it's a good idea to figure out (the hub used to eat these messages without letting you know; a while back, it was changed to pass along the message). If you haven't gathered this much from the above and the error itself, it means something is trying to reach an cloud endpoint on your hub for an app that no longer exists. (Common themes here, none of which I think apply based on your specific information, are HubConnect, the Alexa skill or Google Home integration, and really any cloud integration that is trying to communicate to your hub using a URL on Hubitat's cloud servers, referencing ultimately back to your hub, that it once was likely told to be valid because an app on your hub provided it.) The "1" ID is suspiciously low (this would have corresponded to the app URL you see in your bar when adding or editing the app: hubIP/installedapp/configure/1, for example) and I'm not aware of any community apps that use the /menu/presence endpoint, so my suspicion is that this might be something native. The Hubitat mobile app would be my first guess, but I'm not sure how it would get messed up enough to cause this. If you've ever used it, it wouldn't hurt to try logging into it again, making sure you select the proper hub and mobile app device (existing or new, your preference if you already have one) when asked.

Also, did you buy your hub used? This could happen if the previous owner had a cloud service like the above. The request is originating from outside the hub, so there's not much you can do if it wasn't you originally.

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I've had that same error, and figured out what caused it.

It's the Hubitat Mobile App - somehow it get's pointed to the wrong hub.
I suggest uninstalling it, and the device on the hub that it corresponds to, and then re-installing it all.