Rebuilding Zwave Network from scratch while maintaining rules

Due to remodel and many destroyed zwave sensors (long story) my zwave mesh is now in shambles and I want to rebuild from scratch. I have many rules however. My initial thought is to swap virtual dummy sensors into the rules as needed and then factory reset / exclude the zwave sensors (or reset the mesh and just factory reset them all). Then swap back into the rules. However I may be overthinking this? Thoughts?

The C-7 supports "Replace" and it's a lot like a regular Include BUT the device drops back into the original NodeID. You must Exclude the device without the Hub knowing.. think carefully about the word Replace.. it has that hint of "this new device is fresh out of the box and is Replacing a damaged device."

I have several hubs and I simply use one of the others to run an Exclude and receive an "unknown device excluded" message. I also have an Aeon ZStick that is often a little bit faster. The point is, you can't use the hub that currently "owns" the device to exclude because it will do exactly that... remove it from the hub and thus eliminating the possibility of replacing.

If you don't have that option, then the dummy devices is for you.


That's what I did... and with each one I took a screen shot of the "in use by" section of the device page. It was tedious but it worked.


I don't have a second controller (yet). Debating it for performance purposes (and maybe Beta). So I will go with the virtual replacement. Thank you!

It doesn't need to be related to Hubitat in any way. You can use a SmartThings, Vera, HomeAssistant etc. hub to do the Exclude.

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Honestly at that point I would create virtual devices, exclude the devices, factory reset the devices and reset the z-wave radio to clear the database (which at this point has some corruption in it) and then pair all the devices properly (nearest mains first and work outwards and then same with battery devices) and then swap them back into the rule. That's me though

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When I did this recently I took pictures of the logic with the snipping tool and pasted them in OneNote. Then went back through when I had my devices back in and recreated them quickly. Granted I didn't have too many rules and I was doing soft reset as well. Just another idea.

If you reset the zwave radio I am assuming it will leave the actual devices (in the device list) in place and only wipe out the zwave table??? If that's the case couldn't you just add the new devices, use the Settings > App Swap and then force delete the old devices?

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