Reboot Using Diagnostic tool with POST or similar

I have a bit of a unique issue at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated: @bravenel @bobbyD @bcopeland

  1. My VPN access to my home network is not working and I am abroad.
  2. I have 2 hubs, One is non responsive and needs to be rebooted, the other is working fine
  3. I have remote access to both hubs
  4. I know that you can do a post usually from one hub to the other :8080/hub/reboot - however that is not working because the hub is non responsive
  5. is there a way to do something similar but to the diagnostic tool - so a post to LOCALADDRESS:8081/reboot or something like that, to achieve the same?

Otherwise I have to get a friend to go to my house and sit outside with a laptop and video call me to resolve!

Actually you’d probably want @gopher.ny’s input on that question.

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The issue being that you must first authenticate using the hub’s MAC address.

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If you aren’t using Hub. security

curl -X POST https://ip.address/hub/reboot
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If you mean that you are a subscriber of Remote Admin service, you can do it from the Remote Admin portal:

But if the hub is unresponsive and not connected to the cloud, you will probably not be able to reboot it either.


Yes the issue is that:

curl -X POST https://ip.address/hub/reboot

doesnt work because its unresponsive so I'm trying to find a way to do something similar with the diagnostic tool at 8081

I have remoteadmin so I can go into the one that is working and get it to send a post to the one that is not if there is a way to speak to the diagnostic tool